How do you use Viki's tools?


Hello guys :slight_smile:
I’ve been wondering how different teams and languages are organizing themselves and interact with each other.
Viki offers the team discussion, team notes and the chatting tool, but I know for the teams I worked before, we didn’t use any of these and relied on outside tools like Google Doc and KakaoTalk.
The tools on Viki seemed more designated for the English team.
So now I’m curious if this is just happening within the German teams and if other languages are similar or how they organize themselves.
And then, is anyone actively using the chatting function? This seems the least helpful in my eyes since I seldomely translate with others at the same time, but maybe segmenters and english subbers have different experiences.


I use PN’s too. Sometimes even during subbing/when someone subs and needs help. I like the PN system. It’s easy to use and you’ll see the messages when you are on VIKI, so it’s almost like a chat, just with little delay.


I use everything - except for the chatter.
The Team Discussion is most useful to the English team but traditionally the Spanish team has been using it as well to coordinate who gets the parts.
Other Language teams use, as you said, outside tools (I use Google spreadsheets).
But the Team Discussion is very useful to all of us when we want to communicate with the English team to elucidate some question, some unclear sub or let them know of a mistake.
I know many Italian teams use Facebook groups. I find this the least useful. First of all they are linear, vertical, and previous questions/answers get lost, you have to go down, down, to find them, so all the info cannot be easily accessed in one place. Whereas Google spreadsheets, with their various tabs, help you organize everything neatly and find it within seconds. Secondly, Facebook constantly lures you away from working and follow the siren of a notification, a message, a new post, like or dislike by a friend, so that from one thing to another you realize you’ve completely wasted a whole hour without even knowing how it happened. Ugh!
The Google spreadsheets done by French teams are real works of art, and I’ve been inspired by them while devising my own system.

Team Notes are useful but unless you can create good links within them, they may be difficult to navigate to instantly find what you need.