How does Viki work?

hey guys. so im confused.
how does viki work? like i know i can watch dramas and other stuff, but watching dramas alone doesnt seem like the only thing this site offers.
i also know i can subtitle, but im scared i’ll mess things up lol.

and im looking for friends to fangirl on korean dramas and actors and gUYS and music and food and anything with bc im so alone and lonely and miserable and i have nothing else to do except wait for days to pass so new episodes can be uploaded.

으히히힝 ^^


you’ve come to the right place! ^ ^ there’s loads of ppl here to fangirl with! xD dont worry, just pick several topics and add your two cents in! feel free to message people and chat with us, were all pretty friendly X)

as for subtitling, im sure someone will provide that info, im not experienced in that area, so i wouldnt know, but on the main viki page there is info on it, on how to do it, you would first need to notify the team who is working on it, and let them know you want to do this, then wait for a response. certain videos already have a certain number of ppl working on it, and other’s need help.

maybe this will help:

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Lol Yeah just start commenting and posting under a topic that might interest you. I would say the perverts club Should be a good start :smiley:

and as @b2utybubbles said you can message us whenever you want we are nice ppl :smiley:

as for subtitling in which language can you subtitle ? everybody starts somewhere the more you sub the better you get :slight_smile:



I started subbing in Oct. 2013. The first thing you want to do, as @b2utybubbles has mentioned, is contact the Channel Manager of what ever show/drama you want to volunteer for. On each channel there’s a tab that will say, “Volunteers” there, you will find the Channel Mananger(s). PM them and ask if you may join.

Now, as for subbing itself, you will get use to it once you start. When you click on “Subtitle Editor” it will bring up a video box and on the side will be the segments. These are empty slots where your subs go. Here is a How-To video on subtitling:

I hope this helps! If you have any questions just PM or reply to this comment. Welcome to Viki!


Hi there!!!

Yes!! Like everyone else is saying… we’re super nice people!! We seriously love getting random PMs and it doesn’t have to be just to ask questions or anything. And yes!! Open a discussion, ask a Channel Manager or Moderator to join a team (most if not all of us love it when you volunteer)!! You can also segment, an immensely fun and addicting activity as well. ^.^ If you’re new to all of that, there are plenty of resources (and again… more people on Viki!!) more than willing and excited to help you get started!! We’re all fangirls ourselves, so just jump in and join the fangirling. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for fangirling with everyone else on episodes just post a comment under the episode or reply to one. We don’t bite :blush: Just be sure to not ask when the subs are done because that’s annoying when the team is working hard. And if you really need to post a spoiler add a huge “SPOILER” on top of your comment so people can scroll by fast without actually reading it.
And on some channels people are fangirling in the general comment section of a drama on non airing days, so if you are bored check there. :slight_smile:

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Ha ha ha ! She’s just arrived and you are already directing her to The perverts club! Indeed it is the most visited one… including myself, Lol lol lol

Girl this is your place! welcome! muahahaha * evil laugh *

First of all go to The perverts club like right now!! here–> hahaha seriously that group is awesooomeeee (in many ways) this is a MUST! :slight_smile: you’ll enjoy a lot!

there are also other “clubs” here in Discussions that are great too… Like:

Memes and quotes–>

And random topics or discussions like second male leads syndrome—>

You just have to look for whatever you’re interested in and join to the conversation :slight_smile: everyone here is really friendly and we are totally crazy…

If you want to be a subber you can choose here in “categories” your language and find projects… There are a lot out there that need subbers right now… That’s one of the ways I use to choose my projects :slight_smile:

If you want to know how to subtitle once you belong to a team then watch this video

Hope this helps you…

You can pm me or pm anyone here (of that I’m sure hehe) and ask whatever you want…

PD: Be sure to go to The Perverts Club… * Evil laugh again *