How have K-dramas changed your perception of American television?

Hey guys :blush:
I want to investigate how K-dramas have changed your perception of American television!
It would be awesome if you would tell me about your thoughts about this topic :+1:
(Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that American TV is bad)


I’m actually becoming more sensitive to sex on TV. Like, I see no point in putting such explicit scenes anymore. Very rarely they are logical and welcomed with regards to the story.

And bullshit concerning earning money and accumulating power. On western TV it’s all about making yourself rich and being the cool top dog who gets away with being an asshole to others. Being an asshole is cool on American TV. And that now, after watching all these Kdramas, annoys me very, very much. Example: House of Cards.


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I’m actually becoming more sensitive to sex on TV. Like, I see no point in putting such explicit scenes anymore. [/quote]

I tried watching Mr. Robot because I heard good things about it (Ramy Malik being the lead actor may have had something to do as well lol), but ended up dropping it half way through the first episode because I found it too sexual for my taste.

Personally, I haven’t been able to get into American/ Western tv shows because I find that they drag on too long and lose their purpose. Most K-dramas that I’ve watched are around 20-30 episodes long and focus on a set plot. In all honesty, they don’t always stick to the original story line or have impressive endings, but there’s a lot less room to screw up when making a show with 16 episodes vs one with 11 seasons!

I can’t imagine how upset I’d be if I watched 100+ episodes of a show only for it to have a mediocre ending.


That the future of TV is with shows that last a pre-defined amount of episodes and it’s why I pretty much stick to channels/services like HBO, Starz, Amazon Prime, etc…

They invest in shows that make me interested. They allow the writers to feel secure enough to write a show that will last a certain number of seasons before ending it. Black Sails was designed for 4 seasons, it got 4 seasons. Game of Thrones was designed to loosely follow the literary material and end. That is the plan they’re following through on.

Even something like American Horror Story(?) changes every season or two to have a fresh story. It’s not endless renewals and extending the same exact story and plot like say How I Met Your Mother.

Don’t get me wrong there have been some classics like Stargate and Scrubs that I loved despite the cheesiness and going on for too long but I want a clear start point, an overall plan and an end point in the minds of writers/directors before production starts.

Finally, I really like two episodes a week. It’s hard watching American TV as it airs when it’s once a week compared to twice a week in Korea and several days a week in China. Taiwanese dramas are like American ones, once a week. It’s a struggle.

I never really cared about sexuality one way or the other. I will say Korean Dramas are super idealized but you can still kind of see how women are treated in some of them and it’s rather poorly.


at least they dont jump( well what I have seen anyway) into bed the first time they meet. its fresher, cleaner, quality is better. like the stories are told better. respect they have value that the American shows ,at least most of them, don’t have. these may be the 20-30- but if theres sex its so minium compared to american tv. even hand holding is really something else, and well some of the dramas don’t show everything they have. oh yeah and how women are treated!, sure some are portrayed in some of the kdramas bad but compared to american tv, they are treated better. hey you mentioned sex, what about those four letter words parctially ever y other word. that isn’t that way in Kdramas, now I have heard they spouting out some words, but they are so far and few between! not like the american ones


angelight313_168, you also are so right. I didn’t consider that one.

yeah the table manners are horrible, stuffing their faces while eating. and if you remember our conversation(?) about the passing gas, using the bathroom oh yeah burping, drinking to the excess?

sure some countries say thats approval, and what about picking their teeth, oh the picking the nose too(black grim reaper)

and why is it always the woman thats dirt poor? or and excuses me for this one a dumb blonde mentallity, I was a blonde ,ok?

Boys ove flowers, heirs was one of my pet peeves, bullying?? come on, and we Americans are trying to prevent that.

the Koreans put women down like they did hundreds of years ago, rephrase that, Asians,
so yes the bad with the good, we can see it all everywhere.

us Americans aren’t anybetter, race comes to mind. and yes women are put down too we are working on the bully issue, so we can see the bad with the good.

offensive in most part but in each case, we can learn from it too. yes we ALL need to grow up! pay attention what we are doing to our fellowman/woman.

e gads where did this come from?? I still say they are fresher & cleaner if we take some of this stuff with a grain of salt, be it bad or good.

so I got some of the ugly stuff too on here, and in my earlier note still stands. some American shows should be thrown out, some Asian shows (whatcha you wearingf, for one) thrown out.

what happened to those ratings stuff anyway or they arent keeping in the limits. the four letter words , some of these people college educated and they have to use gutteral words? so yeah we can pick & choose, good or bad etc. the Koreans(if you will) they do have heart warming stories, the cancer victums, the little girl with the rare disease, the good doctor both Korean and American, the marriage contract, can I name that many American dramas? not really and this is just a few for Korean/Asian dramas and movies.

Please, angelight313_168, I am not bashing you. I honestly do agree with you. the one that really definately about turned me off these dramas is Whatcha wearing. a bit of porn disguised. sorry this was so long!!!

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I didn’t even try to watch that one. all I can say if a show,drama, movie, book doesnt catch my interest you can just forget it, yeah I do agree with you. the mentality of achieving your dream and not stepping on others is a good one. the one ,The legend comes to mind, and shining inheritance,oh yeah the baker guy, thats 3 I can think of, to be sure theres a few more. but you are right.

Sorry, @angelight313_168, I forgot to respond.

I think we’re not watching the same dramas :blush: I can usually sift out such poor-girl-rich-boy garbage pretty quickly. You can even detect those in the synopsis.

Latest gem, which you cannot miss, is Secret Forest. Wonderfully strong and cunning and kind female character.


Thanks I love those kind of dramas the woman independent and strong. Hope I can see it here.

can’t find it here or on netflix.

It’s called Stranger on Netflix. I hope you guys have it in the US.


I’m not sure if it’s because of Kdrama or not, but I detest scenes of violence, like shootings and killings. I want to see people fall in love, not in battle. :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: :kissing_closed_eyes:


thanks. I have netflix hopefully I can get to see it

I can’t tell you anything about American TV, cause I’m from Germany and even if we have some American shows on German TV (The Big Bang Theory, Law&Order, Scrubs, Navi CIS,…) I don’t know what to say about American TV in that way, because Germany has extremly good voice actors who dub the shows so… ^^

I put up a video of the top 50 German voice actors for you, so you can take a look what I mean…

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I am from Germany too. I know, we really have great voice actors ^^
But in my case, after watching lots of K-dramas, I noticed that I have a different opinion on relationship and on how long series should be. Now I wonder if others noticed something similar…


found it on netflix today! watching now. let u know what I think thanks!

Stranger/Secret forest should be licensed here. We have not 1 girl but 2 with amazing powerful roles. A must watch. Title on Netflix Stranger. Love it!


I just filled out a request form :smiley:

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I will too! One of a kind worth watching more than once. Thanks again

I forgot where I find that request form?

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