How have K-dramas changed your perception of American television?


I don’t see a difference. The purpose of television is to attract viewers. We can see Adult themes in Korean dramas/movies.


Do you recommend those two?



They rated R in my opinion, so I know some ppl. here won’t want to watch them. I didn’t like [Sex is Zero] bc it was too vulgar, but [A special Lady] made me cried so much. Some scenes are unbearable to watch bc they are too violent with high sexual content so I skipped some parts, and I hated, hated the ending. Personally I don’t recommend them to ppl that don’t like porn like movies bc that’s exactly what they are.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that the bar is set at a different place. I like where it is set in the C & K dramas that I’ve seen. I stay clear of the heavy duty stuff.


I can’t believe I got the word order wrong on the other version that I don’t like.


My secret romance!! thats the name


Oh! Here I was thinking you were talking about Meteor Garden. I’m forcing myself to watch the other versions but the bullying is really over the top. The guy from the 2010 one is in a new drama with the girl from the 2018 one. I wanted to see his earlier work.


I’m thinking it seems more real becaue it’s closer to YOUR reality but since we are watching another culture’s reality of course it won’t mirror ours. That’s part & parcel of entering the Kdrama world…or the C-Drama & T-Drama’s worlds.


I am a American and I really don’t think Hollywood portrays a true sense of what small town America is about. In fact there are a lot of Americans that are giving up and cutting the cord on American programing that is why you see so many of us watching foreign filming now. I have a friend that is from Korea and we have a lot in common and share the same values. I have found by watching Viki that most people of the world are more alike than different with the same desire for peace and love.


I can only recall one drama that I have seen that the woman is rich, Korean Odysey


Or for that matter what life is like in the cities too…everything is stereotyped by race and class in American television and doesn’t paint a true picture of anything


Casa Da Amore , Exclusive for the Ladies is hilarious ; so too is What Men Want


That’s actually an excellent point.


Hmm… Some additions might be:

A Witch’s Romance

Beauty Inside

That Winter, the Wind Blows

My Princess


…but it’s too hard to think of some more. There’s just too few of them and that in itself IS realistic, unfortunately.


One Spring Night is a great one


there are quite a lot of em…:thinking: just not mainstream

  • Angel’s Last Mission: Love
  • Search: WWW (not exaaactly but yeah)
  • My Fair Lady
  • Innocent Man
  • The Snow Queen



I agree that some programs have gone overboard with certain scenes and we have a little less shows to enjoy with our kids around, but we have to give ‘‘Cesar what belongs to Cesar’’ the world of film/media revolves around making money, and in these days ppl love those crazy shows, movies and the producers, creatorrs, owners etc… are becoming millionaires by showing things some people might not like but certain individuals worship these kind of scenes.
There’s no use in continuing to criticize ‘‘American TV’’ so much; ‘’‘when money talks bullshit walks’’ these are business men/women, greedy people, and in US we have freedom that allows certain things we might not like to go on.

BUT we have a remote control and can change the channel bc NOT every program in US TV is dirty or BAD, we also have good clean family shows, and better yet, a remote to change the channel when we don’t like what they are showing.

In SK, China, Japan (the worse one) they have porn, dirty themes and they make millions just bc here at this site they mainly offer clean shows/dramas/movies, doesn’t mean they are ‘‘so saint either’’ here at this site, we have a few of those adult themes Like: A Special Lady.

I’m sick of people talking like we at US are the only ones that have very hot themes movies/shows, and it bothers me more when is someone that says ‘‘I am American’’ bc ppl from other countries love to always criticize us, and make it look that no one can top US, and is not fair at all.

I have an open mind when watching shows/movies etc… but was horrified of how in Japan their dramas revolves around incest, but thankfully, we don’t see that here except one drama that hinted incest (but it was not) that was [THE SMILE HAS LEFT YOUR EYES] I didn’t watch it at all but until the end you think the main lead are in a relationship and are siblings. For what I know this is a korean remake drama from a Japanese drama.

In the big NY City not ONLY in a small town in USA, we have people with true sense of values, that don’t like these over sexualized TV shows/movies etc… People with values and morals, just like in any small town in USA, and they also desire for peace and love in the world.


The reason why you feel American dramas are more real is bc the kissing scenes don’t look as fake as in Asian dramas, but remember they are trying to create a clean cut image and these countries with so much control in their government are able to block things and make us see their fake reality of the perfect world they really don’t have, but want to create for the world to see, and K dramas are a good example of that. OUR reality? depends on how much we let media world of other countries, manipulate our mind to think they are so saintly and prude when you go to YT and other sites (if u can afford or have it available) you will see the real REALITY of these so controlled media world, and as you’ll see their adult themes dramas, that will shock anyone ‘‘prude or not’’ is a culture reality shock!


Wow what you said is pretty true…every entertainment industry has a dark side as well as a good side, in the end it’s mostly a money struggle…we the consumers need to be discerning.


Thank you so much! You are wise beyond your years. So young and you can see the reality of things, but we have older ppl. closing their eyes to what’s right in front of them. Thanks again.


American tv has gotten worse and worse. Both overly violent and sexualized. Kdramas are more idealic, give me complex characters to analyze and admire, and I don’t have to worry as much about being surprised by graphic content, both in terms of imagery and cursing (cursing in a foreign language doesn’t have the same impact) which means I don’t have to hide it with my kids around. It’s also nice in general to watch stories about more pure love or healthy relationships that I can look up to than watching characters with messy relationships that I’d never want to emulate. Not that there aren’t good American shows, but they are becoming few and far between. And not that there aren’t Kdramas that are darker with messier relationships, but even those Ive seen generally have at least one character I can admire and like (maybe a couple I can think of didn’t so I stopped watching).