How is your quarantine going?

I am now since 1 and a half week at home and only been otiside
in order to make a quick purchase.

I am spending my days in binge watching damas, subtitling,
cooking and voice chatting with my friends.

What are you all doing? I hope you all are fine?



Olá. Bom, eu estou estudando bastante… mas a noite assisto Drama da Viki. A saúde está ótima… só estou com medo de pirar quando pesar… KKKK… Eu sou esportista, mas nesta crise estou comendo muito… kkkk… Só em casa sem poder praticar esporte nao é muito legal, mas gosto muito dos seriados da Viki.


I’m only (reluctantly) going out for grocery shopping these days. I spend my days with Viki (watching, subtitling, discussions), other social media, online courses, keeping a decent sleeping schedule, reading books, etc.


Sounds like maybe you had some sort of panic attack when you were outside. Totally understandable these days. Take care. :blossom:

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Maybe the thought of going out without the protection of a mask triggered it.
But who knows, they might be using some strong cleaning products that just irritated your throat.

The water seems still the same here and I’m glad about it, cause I’m more and more starting to hate going to the supermarket these days.

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That makes two of us…:slight_smile: I’m glad I don’t have to go to a supermarket for a good while now.

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This is day 16 I’m so bored. I exercise everyday, on social media, watching dramas and reading books


I wonder whether once this is over and we’re back to everyday life stress we might long back for these days …


“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow; it only saps today of its joy.”
– Leo F. Buscaglia



I am still working while this is going on. I am a healthcare worker and still sees patients here in the US especially those who really need us to check on them. I get motivated knowing I have more Korean dramas to watch when I get home from work :smile: I’ve finished 5 this past week so far!:heart_eyes:



Thank you so much for doing such a courageous work at such difficult and trying times. May you be blessed with health and strength to continue on. I wish I could do some volunteer work but bc of health issues I know I will be rejected. I worked for a Gyn Doctor, and also in a Hospital, so I know how hard that kind of job can be.

I am so glad you can also keep your mind distracted with viki site, it has also helped me a lot through this rough days locked in the house.


Thank you for your kind words. It is indeed not an easy job but very rewarding. Seeing my Oppas on screen is good motivation enough for me to continue on. :grin: Knowing that by April I could watch Lee min ho again on screen is making me excited for the next month despite what’s goin on.


All you can do is follow the rule “Shelter In Place” if you need to go out for food or medicine or to the bank. Then while traveling about I stay 6ft away from all people, here in California where I live everyone including myself is following the protection rules. :mask: Staying at home don’t bother me I am kind of a home kind of person. As Long as I have my music, good book to read and internet, Viki, Netflix and plenty of food and junk food I am ok. Oh NO ONE is allow in my home during this virus time and that includes no Aliens or ghosts :alien::ghost: and most of all no one with a head, two arm and two leg. I think that mean human. :rofl:


I totally agree with you, companies are definitely taking advantage and that is a big no and a stomp on the ground.

I barely subscribed to VIKI, finished watching for the 3rd time, Boys Over Flowers <3 aha. Dream High I believe will be my second rewatch, do you know fof any other dramas similar to BOF? My mom only liked that particular drama, and I don’t know which other ones may have that similar vibe to that.

Stay safe out there!


For some reason, I find The Heirs and BOF similar…maybe it’s just Lee Minho :smiley:

Thank you for your service! My parents work in the medical field, and my older brother works as an emergency responder. They still go to work too, but the clinics and hospitals are encouraging phone appointments as much as possible.

Something cool I found…
LA has clean air! For now, at least…


I listen to Doctor Professor Kim on YouTube I am a long time subscriber of that channel “Asian Boss”
extremely important information that everyone should listen and follow. Remember everyone whatever in life that have a beginning it will have an ending in due time. We must all stay strong keep the faith that mankind or we all on this earth will find a way to survive. Continue to show love and respect for each other no matter who we are or where we live.


Wow, that sucks. I was supposed to go to NYC in a couple of months, but I think I’ll postpone that…

Haven’t been outside for 3 weeks. It’s going well, except that you can’t get certain supplies anywhere (in my case flour - I get it from a miller, but they have been so overwhelmed by orders that they decided to shut down for a couple of weeks, so have no idea when I’m getting flour again).

Also, supporting my favorite local businesses has become so much easier now that they are waving certain costs and getting my packages from them makes me feel like not that much has changed (I’m usually at home 90% of my time anyways and get everything online, so I just miss the 10% of contact outside now).

Surprisingly, I’m less behind the pc than I usually am.


Likewise. Looks like there are many “baking lovers” out there. I can’t find baking powder, either. Although there are good substitutes for them, without flour, no baking can be done. :frowning:

Oh no! I have a Paris trip in June. But I think I’ll have to postpone it, too.
Crossing my fingers and waiting till the last possible day to reschedule it. Let’s hope everything will settle down by May? :pleading_face:

Everyone, Stay Healthy!


Exactly. I mean, good for them, but now I can’t resume the “normal” level of baking that I’m used to :cry: Oh well, will have to focus on some other things then and order some sweets instead of making them :laughing: