How many language(s) can you speak?

Since Viki seems to be the melting pot of language, I wanted to ask you guys how many language can you speak? What are they?



  • English (outside of home)
  • Vietnamese (at home)


  • Korean (self-learn 3+ years)


  • French (3 years)

Currently learning:

  • Latin

I learned one year of Spanish, but I don’t really remember anything. I can understand some of it because it’s a Romance language like French and similar to English.

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There is another similar thread since 2013, sometimes check in the “search box” if a topic already exists :slight_smile:


I know English (native language), Norwegian, German and tiny bit of Japanese…I am a bit rusty since I learned these almost 30 years ago i high school…lol

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I know fluently English and Spanish. How about you? Just curious.

Hi everyone. I am privileged to speak 5 languages: English, Dutch, Croatian, Bulgarian and Russian. I studied 11 languages but speak, read and write on those 5 fluently.

The best language and the most important one that anybody can speak under the sun is the language of genuine, true love.

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oh! You are all great with great number of languages. I am only fluent in English but I am eager to learn more languages especially Arabic, Persian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish etc.

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I personally am not the greatest at languages.
I’m fluent in English although my German and French are a little rusty. But I am determined to brush up on my German, it’s a great language after all ! ≧◡≦

You are being modest here with three language. good luck on brush up

English, some Spanish, some German some piglatin

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ok I have tried and I am not able to get there where is the toolbar button in the editor

Eu sei português(língua nativa), estou aprendendo inglês(avançado), coreano e chinês (básico) .