Which languages do you know and which do you want to learn?

Hi there everyone,

Since on viki language is really important and we have subs in more then 150 of them I was wondering which languages everyone knows an which you want to learn.

I know:
Dutch (native)

I want to learn:

Right now I’m learning Korean and I do know Hangul and quite a few basic words and lines. Also tried Japanese before but I had problems remembering Kana somehow.

How about you?


I know Romanian( well, it’s my native tongue)
and foreign languages: English( on all accounts), Spanish(reading, speaking, translating), French(on all accounts) and I am learning Russian.

I want to learn Japanese, Korean and maybe German and Chinese. Pretty ambitious, right? sighs In my country the most plausible would be German, since even in college at the Japanese and Korean (and I dare not mention Chinese) department, were only under 10 students… sighs

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Well, I know:

  • Portuguese
  • English
  • A little bit of spanish (I understand 100%, but my writing skills are so so).

I really want to learn Korean and German!
If I could I would learn as many languages as possible, because I love studying them :slight_smile:


I want to learn German because I am living in Germany and doing internship.
If there are anyone who want learn Korean or share your enjoy with me, we can meet in Frankfurt.
Of course, we can contact on line by email.

I can speak Danish, Swedish and English fluently.
I have had French for 2 years, but i don’t understand much (Or anything, haha), and i’m currently studying Spanish (For 4 years, 3 more years to go).

I want to learn
Chinese (Taiwanese)

I’m new to this website (joined a few days ago) but i will try to translate as much into Danish/Swedish as i can! :slight_smile:

I know English (well that’s a given)
A little bit of Spanish

I want to learn:
Japanese(slowly learning)
and Improve my spanish

French is my first language.
English, my second. Medium cooked level :slight_smile:
I want to be able to know korean well someday, and the other languages I want to learn are…
And… A lot more :slight_smile:

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Hi! I know french (its my native language)
and English, and we could say i can read spanish and talk a litle bit but i’m still learning :slight_smile:

I would like to learn…

well , I want to and I’ll be so glad if u can teach me korean :slight_smile:

can u teach me french? I’m a beginner

I know Portuguese, English, Spanish and a little of mandarin.

I want to learn korean, more mandarin

I know German (native) and
English (through school, but I talk, write and read a lot in English…so it’s kinda more than school English)

(I learned French in school but I hardly remember anything, I know the grammar and when I look up vocabs I’d probably be able to write/read/understand a text but I can hardly speak)

learning Japanese (for 2 years now)
want to learn Korean (can read hangul)

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My first language is French.
I have a school level in English and Spanish but I haven’t practised for a long time.
I understand mandarin but can’t barely read it.
I want to learn Korean.

Spanish is my first language but since I came to the USA when I was 13 and have been here for 52 years in some ways English is also my first language.

I know a few words in German and French and a very few words in Korean. I would like to learn Korean, Thai and would love to learn Chinese but I understand how difficult it is.

Does anyone have any suggestions about finding a good program, preferably online or one I can purchase to learn Korean and Thai?

korean language

Hey how are you doing there ?

Hi there,

I know:
-Chinese ( i know how to speak but don’t really know writing)

-Korean(i can read hangul and speak but not fluently)


-Hindi (beginner)

I want to learn:



-Korean ( i want to be fluent )

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I know Spanish and English, I’m currently self studying Korean, I’ll be happy if I could learn from a native korean! I can teach you as well spanish or if you need more English as well, I know basic greetings,numbers and some songs, in french, urdu, german ad japanese but I really wanna learn them all well.

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I can speak: Hungarian (native) and English.
I want to know: Norwegian, Russian and Dutch. I’m learning Norwegian on my own and if everything goes well, next year I’ll learn Russian in school. :slight_smile:

For me Arabic is my native language (Though I hate typing it), I also know French and English well, since I’ve studied them all my life at school, I took a year of Spanish lessons but I don’t really remember a thing. Currently I’m self studying Korean, I can read and write and understand a few basic words and phrases. And I really hope to learn Chinese (Mandarin/Taiwanese) as well as Japanese.
For any one who needs help in any of the languages I speak feel free to ask me.

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