How old are you Vikiers?


im sorry this is random lol

sooo… whoever i talk to here on viki they say that they have already graduated college and have jobs while im just a high school freshman (just turned 14 TODAY) hehe,

so how old are you guys ? (:smile:

as i said, im 14


Hi, I’m 15 years old and also in high school :smile:
It’s really funny to see the differences of ages, some are just 14 and the others 41 XD

Happy B-day! I hope that you’ll have a wonderful day! :tada: :gift:


Both of you know me a little bit already. How old do you think I am?

Happy Birthday GDsGF!


@melaniefone_696 thanks! :smile:


@lacruiser thanks :smile:
hmmm maybe 17 :grimacing::grimacing:


ROFL!!! I will wait to see what Mel says.


@melaniefone_696 come on how old do you think @lacruiser is :joy:i guess i messed up badly lol


Happy birthday :blush:

You two are so young! (Not that I’m much older, though.) My little cousin is 14 this year, and I still think of her as a little baby, hahaa.

I’ll just say I fall into the 18-24 range.


Hi everyone! I’m in the 18-24 age range as well!
It’s always interesting to see how old everyone is because I always assume that everyone is around my age ahaha :slight_smile:


Wow y’all are young lol. I’m 25 I feel old now ._. :laughing:


I’m 22. Quite young compared to the majority of the vikiers I work with :joy:


LOL don’t shock them like you shocked me…


@dramaaaaa @lacruiser im so curious now … :thinking::pray:t2::pray:t2:


Hmmm… Maybe 20???


I’m 20 and just now remebered a friend, she said: “Don´t you feel bad about having 20?” xD


That’s right dramaaaa, I remember. I guess most people over twenty something are no longer capable of typing. Over 30 something and we forget what we are typing and have to start over frequently. Over 40 something and we drool all over the keyboard but of course by then we are unable to figure out what the keyboard was for in the first place.

Well, I am way beyond that … excuse me a minute while I wipe off the keyboard…

Okay, what was I saying??? Oh, yeah, I remember now. …four score and 7 years ago our forefath… oh, wait, right. GDsGF and Mel, I could be your great-grandfather. I’m 61. I’ll wait until you get up…

Why am I here? A hobby. I spent a lot of time in Korea on business (as well as other parts of Asia) in the 80s and 90s and became very interested in Korean history, not to mention my wife of 24 years. On Viki I generally only get involved with Korean historical dramas, hence The Sageuk Channel. I help people learn to segment as a way of helping to pay back the benefits and I enjoy helping. I have worked with people younger than you and older than me, believe it or not. So you never really know who you are dealing with when online. Please remember that.


Haha, I didn’t expected that at all LOL ! :joy: :open_mouth:
You would be a very cool grandpa then ;p

That’s so cool! I also really like the history of Korea and I also want to go/work in Korea in the future ^-^
But wooww, that’s so fascinating that there are these big differences in age. I really want to know right now, what the age of the youngest contributor and the oldest is. :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s the reason why I respect you a lot. :blush: Just helping the people who want to learn how to segment.


@lacruiser wow i never expected that!! :open_mouth:
as mel said, you would be a really cool grandpa FOR REAL

that must’ve been quite fun. i love korea too and plan to visit it once I graduate or have enough money to study there, (but im too young i have to wait forever hehe) because my parents are too protective about me going they would never let me go on exchange, but yeah, i really respect you for helping us learn (specially bearing with me who never does them right lol)


I’m around 35.
I forgot what I wanted to type :slight_smile:


I know your problem girl, my parents are also very overprotective. They mean it in a good way, but it’s a bit annoying sometimes :sweat_smile: