How old are you Vikiers?


Hi everyone,
I enjoy watching krean drama´s since 3 years now an I love them so much. :relaxed:
I´m 20 years old and its very surprising for me that the range of the age is so lage. :slight_smile:
But I´m very happy about it. :slight_smile:


@melaniefone_696, @itssafa2ne1_gd

You two seem to have good heads on your shoulders so I think you can understand the difficulties your parents have with regard to how strict should they be. There are so many threats out there and so many things that are dangerous. All of my best friends from school died within a few years. One at 19 in a motorcycle accident (I rode with him the day before), another of cancer at 19, one shot and killed at 20, one by car accident fell asleep on way home from college and drove off the side of a mountain, and another hit by a drunk going over 100 mph. Certainly all of these things had an effect on me as a parent. Do you think I gave in to my son’s pleading for a motorcycle when he was 16? No, but when he was 18 I let him take a motorcycle safety training program to learn how to ride. That turned out to be enough to get it out of his system.

But the boy was a lot different from the girl. He started martial arts at 5 right on into MMA by 13 as well as wrestling through high school. He was lethal and nobody was going to mess with him. That made it easier in two ways. He was so involved with sports that he didn’t have much time to get into other things and I knew he could take care himself better than most. But my girl, that was a different story. I worried about her all of the time. She couldn’t take care of herself like he could but being popular there was constant drama. But she was smart and I must say grew pretty well between 14 and 18. She has demonstrated a lot of responsibility and maturity lately. So while I was pretty tight on her at 15, I am much less so now at 18. Those changes in my attitude were a direct result of her showing her ability to act responsibly. I think a lot of that came about as a result of her slamming into the back of a big truck last year with my pickup, caving in the whole front. If she had been in her little car I don’t think the result would have been very good. As it turned out she only got scratches on her arms and face from the airbag. Without the airbag???

I was prepared to learn that she had been on the phone or texting but her injuries showed that though I don’t know where her mind was at the time, her hands were on the wheel. There has been a big change in her since then.

Your parents don’t want you to learn lessons like this the hard way because things often don’t have happy endings. I am sure that there is nothing they love more in the world than you and though frustrating now, the more you show them your wisdom and responsibility the more they will work with you. You have your whole life ahead of you and they just want to make sure you have the opportunity to live it.


Hi Lacruiser,

nice to see you here. How are you ? Since you told me a bit of your story, I imagined that your were on your 60’s.
Thanks for teaching me. And do you know what ? Now I’m a Ninja too since I passed my graduation at the NSSA Academy.

So, as a segging student, how old am I ?
I am a senior too. I’m 50.


Hi Fizban,

Comment allez-vous! That’s about all I can remember from school except “Je dois une boîte de crayon rouge” and I’ve never found too many places where I can use that.

Congratulations on your graduation from NSSA. I saw that you had finished. I knew you would have no problem.

50? You are a youngster!

I may have a project coming up soon where I might ask for your help.



35 years old.
There’s no age limit for watching TV series.


Hahaha didnt i say it ? I was VERY shocked especially beacuse i thought @lacruiser is a young woman :joy:

Lacruiser do not know if you remember but i found out through Supernenite back then. Wow it has been quite some time since then 2014 maybe? Hope you are good and i still remember how fun it was having you as a mentor and teacher for segmenting!


@dramaaaaa Thank you my child … go forth and seg some more.

Yeah, I miss Ana. I wish she had time to be around more.


i’m eighteen. freshman in college. feels weird to think that i’ve been into korean entertainment since middle school; time really flies.


I wish! I am graduating this year so i stopped volunteering for some while now. I am hoping to start subbing again after my finals next summer.

For segging i was kind left on the road after getting to the next level. So i gave it up in the end.

About Ana… i lost contact long time ago. Very sad about it but i learned to deal with it with time. Hope she is fine and healthy…


Hey I’m a Vikier from the USA,

Happy Belated Birthday :birthday: that’s awesome!

I’m 19 a Junior in University because other than Kdramas I’m obessed with school and learning.

I love making new friends who love Korean dramas, Taiwanese, Chinese, etc. dramas because
to me that is my world out of my own drama! :slight_smile: :blush::sparkles:


@itssafa2ne1_gd My age is exactly the double of yours. Happy birthday for you. Mine was also last week. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s about age anyway, in my country (Hungary) there are more older asian drama fans than teenagers. :stuck_out_tongue: It even suprised me a bit when I made a small research in a Facebook group, that even grannies love asian dramas. :>
As for me first I loved anime and manga, then as I got older and turned towards real people. :stuck_out_tongue: But my sould just stucked in Asia. ^^ At first I watched almost only korean dramas, but now I’m rather into chinese wuxia; there is also less translators for these shows and I’m really thinking on starting to learn chinese, it would be hard without a real teacher, though. ><


I’m delighted to see ‘senior’ ViKi users. I’ve been an anime fan since the 70’s (VHS) and a foreign film nut so Kdrama was just natural. I am 64.


Hey, I’m 18 years old ! :blush: I’m new here and I’m so excited to know you all :smile: (sorry for my bad english I come from Germany :relaxed:)


Hey I’m 19 years old and come from Finland.

So I am not the only one with 'over’protective parents? :smile: Well you should still be happy that you have someone who is looking after you. I know too many cases when it isn’t like that. When you get a bit older you will really appreciate everything they did for you

Well I can understand why my parents didn’t want me to do exchange year in Korea and in the end I went to Germany. But there will come a day when I am able to travel to Korea and see the country with my own eyes :relaxed:

But back to Viki users.
I think it’s also interesting that we don’t really know where from the Viki users are. We can have clues from the languages they are working with but in the end if I speak Finnish that doesn’t automatically mean that I live in Finland.


hey guys … first i will answer ur question … i’m 28 years , second this is awesome really … i was using other websites for watching asian dramas and i discovered viki recently … i didn’t know about a discussion place so when i found it i was amazed cuz finally i can meet friends who share the same passion for asian dramas <3 … it’s been a year and a half since i started watching k-dramas and k-movies , then 2 months ago i started watching j-doramas , T-dramas and thai lakorn … through this year and a half i’ve watched 100 k-movies, 110 k-drama , 20 j-dorama 12 t-drama and 2 thai lakorn … and i have these many recommendations in my head but unfortunately none of my friends are interested … so plz if u have any question or need any recommendation u can simply ask me … cuz it’s like i’ve seen it all :smiley:


Hey everyone!
First of all… I feel like the 20-something college and uni people are the majority here and I will follow them because I was born in the awesome year that The Lion King came out which makes me 21… 22 (Hello 2016). I’m in college at the moment, few years behind because I’m lazy and have been addicted to K-dramas, J-dramas, K-movies, ETC for years now which really isn’t good for finals (it isn’t believe me).
After watching countless dramas and movies with the lovely ‘@ Viki’, I decided to join the troops and here I am :smiley:
My knowledge in languages is very small though as I am only fluent in Dutch (Native) and English (A part of my family only speaks English). I know other languages thanks to the “awesome” school system here in this tiny European country called Belgium but I can barely make an acceptable sentence in either French or German.

So yeah… That’s me :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy to get to know you all and hopefully I’ll get to work with some of you soon!


Hello :slight_smile:
I’m just gonna slide in here, I’m 17 ^.^ I’ll be turning 18 this year and will also be graduating from highschool :smiley: Oh, also I’m from the US~



25 here and all the way from Sri Lanka! :stuck_out_tongue:


wow sri lanka is a very beautiful country indeed … it’s on my list of the countries i wish to visit :slight_smile: greetings from Egypt.


Visited Egypt once, 25 years ago.
Amazing history, very friendly people.
Greetings from Israel!