How old are you Vikiers?


ya got it @gaby_heitmann_975!!!


Hi @frustratedwriter put this “@” before a username so that they will know that you tagged them and replied to them.


@porkypine90_261. LOL! Then what does that make me??? I’ll be turning 67 on the 17th of July. Retired but still working full-time. I must be a brute for punishment. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I do love the J/C/K-dramas though!


67 is young!

I love the J/C/K dramas too. I’ll watch those over American shows any day. The American shows are too crass, rude, and vulgar for me to enjoy. Actually, I’ve hated American TV since the 70’s when Archie Bunker, Roseanne, and the other rude copycat shows hogged the airways.

I guess I am too old and no longer cool. :rofl:


Hey everyone! I am new to the discussion boards but not new to Viki and K/C/J/T dramas. I am 45 and am glad to see others of a like age here as well. Given my age and status as a wife and mother, I sometimes question if I should just ‘grow up’, but then I just decide to embrace my inner fangirl. I truly believe once a fangirl, always a fangirl. I don’t foresee myself outgrowing it, so I just go with it. It brings me joy. Glad to have a place to share my love of dramas with others. Lord knows my hubby would prefer I never bring them up to him again. :joy:


Gaby, you’re a baby ^^ What counts is not the number, but your heart! Was zählt ist nicht die Zahl, sondern dein Herz!

I’m 54, but sometimes I feel and behave much younger, my daughters are as crazy as I am, my poor husband. :joy:


Nah, I think you are pretty cool. I’ve had some of our work study students tell me that I am pretty cool for an older woman. (They probably called me an old lady, LOL). I think if you can come through early-to-mid adult-hood with a sense of humor you are still cool. :wink:


I beg to differ. I think anyone who can fangirl like this on Discussions is young and very, very cool :smile: That;s why I also think @frustratedwriter is the coolest halmeoni in the world!

I still love the show “Boy Meets World” and almost all those “older”(a.k.a 2010-15) Disney Channel shows like Good Luck Charlie, Austin and Ally, Girl Meets World… I think I started hating American stuff after NF shows started becoming popular… almost every show went like tHIS:


I probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did at that clip. It’s a sad but true representation.


I’ve watched it countless times, but I still laugh every time I watch it :joy: The way he made the clip is funny, but the truth behind it is pretty sad.


wow I didn’t know that one, thank you @padmalayag!, like that??


if I forget! Happybirthday @porkypine90_261


c’mon, you aren’t brain dead, not at your"young" age!!!

thank you, @vivi_1485, see someone else showed me the errors of my ways. I won’t kn ow unless someone tells me, course in a nice way… just a fyi, the info I discovered, about the name and all, I was awarded a badge!!!


It worked, you called me and I am with you :blush::heart:


Happy Birthday
Also from me. I hope you have a nice day :blush: :heart:


You are so right, my age fits the behavior at all :joy::rofl:
That is also quite good :hugs::confetti_ball::partying_face:




another young’un!!! well its really good to know! these olde folks, (me) loves meeting these kids… anyway I do


So am I, Nice to meet you too​:blush::blush:


Hi. I am 60 years old.