How old are you Vikiers?


thanks cousin :smiley:


I’m 30 from Spain


Hi lacruiser!!! Nice to hear from you. Are you a guy? May I ask you a question because you are a guy watching dramas? I have two questions: 1. Do you mostly watch male-specific dramas (action, medical or male-centered like Gentleman’s Dignity? 2. If you watch female-specific dramas (like family, romance without any action, marriage) - which ones did you really like?
Not sure I am on topic. Thanks in advance.


I thought there are lot of young people here, until I started to subtiile. :slight_smile: Back to topic. 23 years old guy. :smiley:


With the exception of Assembly, the only shows I have watched in years have all been Korean historical dramas (sageuks). I didn’t plan to watch Assembly but it was a more mature, political theme, and it turned out to be interesting. Years ago I worked on a few other things as favors for people. My top 3 favorite dramas are Jumong, Kingdom of the Winds (picks up where Jumong left off) and Dae Jang Geum (Jewel of the Palace). If you should want to learn more about sageuks, visit The Sageuk Channel.


I’m 13, turning 14 in May. Am I one of the youngest volunteers on Viki, lol?


haha we are very close in age i just turned 14


Thank you very much for your answer.


May I ask you a question as a guy who watches (if you do) Kdramas. Do you watch historical, action, medical, mostly male-oriented dramas or do you also watch family/female-oriented dramas? Thanks in advance.


Sure. I watch K-dramas. Mostly they’re action or thrillers/mystery. But I dont’t mind good comedy like Sweet, Savage Family which is also full-packed of action and romance. And in this drama romance is one of the best parts. I don’t watch historical dramas. Medical… well, if something will interest me, I would watch it too. You can check my favourities and projects to see more.


Hello Viki Person :smile:
I am from Italy and I have 16 years.
I like Korea Drama and Kpop.


I am amazed you got the same ranking like me when it comes to my favorite sageuks ! Love Jumong and Kingdom of the Winds


Thank you very much for your answer. Nice to know.

FYI, Sweet, Savage Family is not a family drama, although it has the word “family” in the title. It is a male-oriented drama since the main character is the guy who fights for his right. I would say, it goes under the category “corruption and government.”

Are you Polish??? Wow, how did YOU get into Kdrama? Is kdrama popular in Poland? If not, why do you watch kdrama, not Polish or American shows?

I tried checking your favorite dramas but I don’t know how to do it. :confused:


Hello everyone! :grinning:
I feel old xD but anyway I’ll say it… I’m 24 years old
It doesn’t matter the age to love watching dramas <3 that’s one of my hobbies, so I like watching dramas and meet new people from around the world so feel free to talk with me and share conversations about traditions, culture and dramas =)

Nice to meet you all!


Well I’m old enough to be your mom, my oldest daughter just turned 12, and that’s all I’m going to say. :wink:


Hello everyone,

I am 43 years old.
Nice to see so many different ages!


Hi, Hello !

I’m 22 years old. So nice to be here and nice to meet you all !


Wow! This is amazing, so many different ages!

Lol I guess I’m one of the younger volunteers, I’m 14 (started when I was in 8th grade). ^^
When I first began volunteering, I thought everyone was in their 20s or a teenager…


Just joined a few days ago, but been around here longer than that. I’m a big fan of Korean and Asian dramas in general. I’m 25. :smile:


Almost 19 ^^