How old are you Vikiers?


am 28 and going to be 29 in a few months … we are not old :smiley: they’ are the too young ones :smiley:


@itssafa2ne1 happy birthday!
Hello,I hardly ever use the forum here… I am 31 year old. not so young yet i considere myself young enough yet :smile:


Oh, I feel you!


Haha. Why would I mind? I love making friends.


I’m 17, living in the UK. I’m in my final year of high school now woo woo (the dread of uni is so real right now).


Was high school difficult for you? A lot of high school students here (U.S.) despise high school lol.


Even though university can be touch, college years are some of the best year of one’s life. So don’t be afraid! You will enjoy it!


My mom told me the same thing when I cried over “getting old”. She says the best years of my life are still ahead of me.


Idk if my answer counts because I’m Canadian, but high school isn’t really hard. It’s just time consuming and a lot of work. The fact that I have to wake up really early to catch a bus to school makes it 10x worse, but it isn’t nearly as bad as we all make is sound.


Your mom is absolutely right! :grinning:


It was quite difficult. I feel like the education system is mucked up, too many poor kids are “left behind”. I love learning about the world but the subjects at school are really dull.
But I live in Northern Ireland, it’s kind of a dump. It might be different in other parts of the UK, like England.


Thank you! :blush: I’m excited about university too! I can’t wait. Just a bit scared about how hard it might be aha xD


For me it was. But not because of classmates but because I was trying to find myself and so I didn´t follow what my small classroom of 26 did. (See we don’t change classroom we are all pack together in all subjects given by the school different from America where you have a set of choices). Like i didn´t drink because I didn´t Want to not because of anyone, if they propose to ignore a teacher and I thought it was not justify I wouldn´t join them on that. So I was hard to deal with but it help me know who I really was an until now I have not regretted my choices whether right or wrong because I choose them knowing WHY i choosed them and the friends I made are everlasting ones.
About classes School is a piece of cake they give you all but in Uni you’re expected to find out more than what if taught in classrooms, but it’s fun.


People, be careful!

Viki has a clause that it’s for people above 18, so you may want to delete the post where you say that you are younger than that.
See here:
The very first paragraph states

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i’ve read it


Viki actually KNOWS my real age. It’s in the system. Don’t know why I haven’t been talked to?


I am old compared to you young ones haha. It’s been six years since I joined Viki and I strive to make time for it now. almost 30 years old.


24 years old !


20 years …:grin:


They probably don’t care and it’s more for liability issues?