How old are you Vikiers?


I’m 21 years old…


I have too much experience with this topic >.< A friend of mine experienced frequent stomach aches and her doctor gave her that same thing. A month later, she switched doctors and found out she had ovarian cancer. Thankfully, she’s been healthy for a few years now.

Just this past winter, my doctor put me on a new medicine and I began getting really bad headaches. He kept telling my parents that I was probably just “seeking attention” and continued to increase the dosage. I ended up almost dying and having to spend a month in the hospital.

I can’t imagine what parents go through when their kids get sick :frowning:

[EDIT: For anyone who’s wondering why I no longer want to become a doctor, the stories above are the reason. Can you imagine screwing up like that? I would never forgive myself!]


I am 34 and from Denmark. I’ve been watching kdramas for years, but I’m not that active on the forums here. It’s nice to see such a variety of people. After all, there is a great variety of shows as well. :smiley:


Or a judge, for that matter!
But well, in the case of a doctor, think of how many lives one can save, too.
For me I would never even think of it because seeing flesh being cut makes me physically queasy (even if I know it’s for a good reason). I had a hard time with Doctor Stranger because of that but I kept watching it because LJS was so awesome in it.


Me too!

I remember someone in the timed comments saying that the heart in one of the first episodes looking like a bouncing pizza and I couldn’t eat pizza for a while after that :joy_cat:

The middle episodes of Doctor Stranger dragged on quite a bit, but I really liked the ending.


Oh, really? Where are you from? :slight_smile:


The U.S. :slight_smile:

How about you?


Really? You mean the last episode, with all the questions remaining unanswered? That super talented genius thoracic surgeon will stay as a country doctor away from specialized hospitals where he could save lives, away from his mother whom he doesn’t meet again or live with? And his much-awaited reunion with his great love shown as just a fleeting moment, from far?
What sort of ending was that?
OK, I’m off topic. Shutting up now…


In my defense, I was in middle school when I watched it. My standards were different :joy:


Hi there!
I’m 26 y/o and been into Dramas for quite a time now.
At first, I’d started for improving my Japanese, then I moved to K-dramas, and now I’ve watched all sorts of things.

Nice to meet you all!


Sweden :smiley:


K-dramas are the reason I gave up on learning Japanese a few years ago lol. I wasn’t really interested in Japanese dramas or anime, but because I was always immersed in Kpop and Kdramas, I found myself effortlessly learning Korean at a much faster pace than Japanese.


I still like japanese dramas (not anime though), but I’d rather watch a Korean one.
For practicing Japanese, I’m going to a Japanese - Spanish language exchange in my city every week :slight_smile:


an Egyptian finally :smiley: i though i was the only Egyptian , it’s awesome that i’m not alone anymore


Omg same! I never meet Egyptians on Viki. I’ve met people from Saudi, Morocco, Iraq, Algeria and Jordan but never Egypt.

This feels like a family reunion or something :joy:


I’m 31…Is it too old to watching dramas???:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And just like someone sayd :I’m glas to know i’m not the only elder…:wink:


Too old? You’re joking, aren’t you?


I’m 18, will turn 19 in three days :grin::grin::grinning:


Of course it was a joke :wink:


HHHHHHHH i’m here sister :smiley: all alone :frowning: … but finding you here is awesome … let’s be friends if you don’t mind