How to add extra info to a drama description

Today I tried to add some extra sentences to the description of a drama I moderate. When I was finished, I clicked on safe, but the new sentences didn’t appear on the drama page. And when I went back to edit it, the new sentences had disappeared. This happened a few times.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?
I sent this also to the helpcenter, but maybe there is someone here who knows it too.

ah i also had this one time. i did clear cache, logged out, waited and then a day later it worked

Oh then I’ll try that. Thanks for the suggestion.

I don{t think it will work. This is something new, and for a couple of months now, I haven’t been able to change the synopsis of the drama either.

Mind you, not even in the dramas/movies I am the CM. I guess is to stop others from doing changes, but it affects CM and Moderators, too.

The most popular languages are locked for changes in the description. I had made a ticket in Help Center and this is the official reply I got.

Channel Titles, Episode Titles and Channel Descriptions in English and the following (8) languages will be provided by Viki and cannot be edited by Channel Moderators: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. All other languages will still be able to be edited by Channel Moderators.

This is part of a larger effort for consistency in show information for the most popular languages. We understand that these translations are important part of channel team recruiting, and Viki will remain open to edits and suggestions. If you would like to suggest translation edits for any of the above 8 languages, please feel free to submit them through the Help Center (

Really? That is strange in my opinion. If you moderate a show you’re (probably) responsible enough not to write any nonsense in the description box, right? If it’s necessary or better to change something it just should be possible. Dutch is not one of the main languages, so for this rule it shouldn’t affect my problem to change the description box, but I’ll await the answer of the help center. Maybe they’ll have a explanation for my situation.

I know, right? In some cases the description is either very wrong (because it was given by the producing company before the script was finalized, and then it went another way) or has a big spoiler, or an actor changed or whatever. Either way, one could want to tweak it. Of course one can write to Help Center, but imagine how much more work would this be, for some small details.
In your case, yes, you’re right, they should solve the problem separately.