How to become a drama moderator?

how can I become a drama moderator? never got, can you help me?

I think you need to apply. Ask the CM if you can be a moderator. But, they will first look at your works and ask if you can follow their guides/rules. If you can then they will get you as moderator.

For me, I don’t want to be moderator hahaha I don’t think I’m ready enough :joy:

Some veterans can answer your question better than me, so let us wait for their comment.


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Here is the Viki community guidelines :
So, in order to become a Moderator, you should contribute at least 3000 subtitles, in the Moderator’s language.

If you have those 3000 subtitles, then you should ask directly the Channel Manager (before, check if there isn’t a Moderator in your language, except for English, a Team can have between 1 to 5 or 6 English Moderators).

You can also read this, for more informations about the role of a Moderator :

Don’t hesitate if you have more questions ^^


What Miral told you is of course correct. These are the minimum requirements.
However, before applying to be a moderator, think if you are up to doing the following:

  • Knowing good collaborators (subtitlers) in your language and recruiting them. Being able to tell the good from the bad.

  • Organizing the job in an efficient way, assigning the job, giving deadlines or whatever.

  • Nudge them on if they are late or disappear.

  • Be ready to also contribute if you don’t have enough subtitlers, or if someone is late and has left a gap.

  • You have to translate the OST lyrics and post them somewhere for all your translators to see, so that they all always use the same translation consistently.

  • In the same way, you have to decide how you call people (job titles etc), and who uses formal language to whom, if your language has formal and informal speech - so that it is consistent throughout. In order to find out, if you don’t understand Korean (or Chinese or whatever is the original language) you have to ask people.

  • Be ready to also edit, if there is no separate editor. Do you feel confident doing this? Are your grammar, syntax and style skills in your language good enough? Editing also means you have to view the video once in its entirety as a normal viewer, then once again to read the translated subtitles to catch typos, formatting errors and omissions (such as spaces, italics marks, dashes and so on) and of course bad translation, such as word to word translation of English idioms which in your language mean nothing, automatic translation from google translate etc.

  • You have to frequently send emails, at least every time that an episode is released for Other Languages.

  • If a subtitler has a question, something they don’t know how to translate, you are the person who has to give the answer.

  • Moreover, you have to translate the text for the Channel Wall and the Cover page in your language (or find someone to do it for you), and regularly update the number of episodes already translated in your language.

  • And of course to moderate the timed comments in your language.

If you think you are ready and capable to do all this, then by all means go ahead!


Tanks, Very Good.

I think you are newer? to viki?
This article put together by the community run ninja subtitling and segmenting academy, might be a good overview too. I wholeheartedly agree with irmar’s post:

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