How to find a Channel Manager / Moderator for projects?

If I find a show without a CM or Language Moderator, how do I look for one available (and in the correct language (depending on the show I want to help)) ?
Do I just write in this Viki Discussion or is there a list or something I’ve missed out on? :blush:

when there is no cm, you have to wait until there is one. then you can ask if you can help

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As for Channel Manager projects you can apply to be a CM if you find a project without a manager. Later Viki picks someone from all the people who applied and do qualify.

As for moderator projects if you see a channel has no moderator for your language PM the CM and offer your help. There is also a project finder you can use but it isn’t really accurate.

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Thank you for replying!
Because I am new I cannot be CM or Moderator, so I guess I have to wait :slight_smile:

Or can I make a post, asking for a CM / Moderator to apply for the shows I want to help with? :slight_smile:


Not every CM / moderator is looking into this forum or in posts section, so your message might not be seen by them or might be buried among many posts.
PM them to be sure they see your message with the role you want to play + language + drama :slight_smile:

Note, when the CM is designated:
A/ If the CM/moderator is a volunteer: 1/ PM the moderator of your targeted language. 2/ If there’s no moderator for your language: PM the CM.
B/ If the CM is “Viki community”: there’s no moderator because we can’t subtitle on them (contract with the content providers). So no subs are allowed.
C/ If the CM is a “Viki staff” (see their profile): same as A/ (English subs are already provided for these channels, so no English subtitlers)
D/ If it says it’s not available in your region, normally you shouldn’t be able to contribute on it. But to be sure at 100% it’s not available in your region, wait for the videos to appear. It might be available to QC (special video access perk).

Good luck!

I sometimes get PM’s from newbies along the lines of “I want to help as a (language) mod, please think of me when you got a channel.” That always makes me think like did you send that to every CM? Why should I pick you as I don’t know you? Do you think I will remember you did send me that message months ago?!

What works best is to be pro active, don’t expect work to come to you. Especially not when you are new because nobody knows you.

I don’t want to sound rude but that’s how it works…

Thanks for all the replies. Seems like I just have to keep looking around and maybe I will find a moderator in the language I need :slight_smile:

Getting curious, what’s the language you’re looking for a moderator?
Just tell us, maybe we can put you into communication with the wanted moderator or give you contacts.

Sometimes, it’s easier to just find the right person and look what projects they can propose you on their profile!

Looking for Danish Moderators.
I think I’ve found one so far, by looking through all the shows, sorted by subtitles :sweat_smile:

One of the rarest languages here! Hard time to find one!!
If you could stay with us, that’d be awesome :slight_smile:

Danish mods who have been active < 1 year I could find:

If you don’t find a mod, but you’re interested in subtitling it, just ask the channel manager (CM), the CM will add you as Danish subtitler without moderator in the team.


Ohh Danish. Then you will have it a lot easier to get started as it isn’t one of the most popular languages on here. I suggest you just check out channels for the drama’s you like if help is needed.If there is a Danish mod PM the person, if there is none PM the CM. If you are new and don’t want to mod position but you still want to sub, you just will be added as a subber and when someone else wants to mod position you will be moved to their team.


Thank you very much, All. It was very helpful! <3

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