How to find a team for translating?

Hi there, I’m new at being moderator and I can’t find a team. No one sends application :smiling_face_with_tear: Is there anything that I can do or am I have to translate to whole drama by myself?

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Which language do you translate to?

Some languages have lots of subbers, while others have none so it’s indeed possible that you have to translate it by yourself.
However, if there are other subbers working in your language, you can reach them by posting here on Discussions (specifically mention the show and the language) or on the unofficial Viki D!scord server that a lot of volunteers subscribed to.
If you know any subbers in your language, you can also message them directly. You can check on recent shows if they are subbed into your language and then look up the moderator or editor and invite them or ask them if they know any good subbers.


Thank you. I post it here, I hope I could find a team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve seen that some volunteers send a message to their previous teams asking if someone is interested to join your team as subber, and editors mostly you need to write them directly. Hopefully, this information could help you. Good luck!


There is definitely a good Turkish team on Viki and with solid volunteer numbers. Join them first to build trust and connections. Help them out with their projects and then gradually organize help for your own projects.



Frankly I don’t recommend it. It’s a chaos there, with dozens of completely irrelevant messages every day. And why have to keep up with two platforms at once (some languge communities even have three, including FB groups) for something that can be done here? At least Viki Discussions does function pretty well, and people in need of team members post on the Project Board here.


Perhaps you didn’t notice, but there you have language-specific communities where it’s not chaotic, as you say.

I actually find the general chats on the server to be relatively quiet.


For some language communities surely less but the project chat is general, not language-oriented, as are all the others. Then there is this %$#@8 bot. Every time there is a notification that someone mentioned me and it’s the #4&*@@ bot, not some useful thing. Same with people tagging many of us without valid reason. Searching etc is not easy, reactions are not easy, and conversations very quickly degenerate into chatter so that you have to struggle finding the useful posts. A total waste of time. I mean… why bother?
Small font, blak background and the overuse of emojis are secondary nuisances, but they can make the experience that much more unpleasant
It’s so much cleaner and easier here, without all the bells and whistles and needless complications. Here it’s not a rabbithole: you look at what you’re interested in and then you’re out. Almost zero dawdling - unless you’re new and you want to explore a bit. Especially since people like you and me and lutra and others are trying to gently dissuade people from straying into OT in the main contributor threads, to keep them clean of junk.

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Hello Irmar

First of all, I am very sorry that you havent had a nice time in our server. I’m sorry that it is filled with irrelevant messages for you, but this is why our mod team worked on two different categories, one for off-topic and another for Viki-relavant only. As you and I talked before, there are plenty of different platforms out there many different language communities use, and its nobody’s place to keep people from using different ones. Oh how I wish Viki discussions or volunteer platform on Viki was useful enough so none of us would need anywhere else, right?

About the project chat, perhaps you are new to dis-cord (many are/were) but it has a great function: muting! Project channel is a channel where we encourage people to mute (or suppress mention of tag/roles) unless they are interested in getting notifications each and every time. Not only our server but in other servers i am in (for language learning or gaming purposes) I do mute everything or channels with plenty pings. I do not thing anyone spam-tags everyone in the server since many people are used to the ways of dis-cord now but we have a daily bot in off-topic to ask daily questions and keep community engaged. Plenty people like to reply & bond over small things. Searching on dis-cord is super easy, I am sorry if it was hard to miss, since its a small search box in the corner. Using that, you are able to not only search keywords but also messages between a specific time range, mentions, messages by specific users, in which channel etc. etc. We also create specific channels and pin important messages.

In accessibility settings you can change the size of the font and also the background (i prefer dark myself, but there is white background too, and I guess now they working on more colours) but dis-cord is an amazing place for not only gamers, but also cares about users with special needs. Under accessibility tab there are plenty life saving, helpful options, well thought for users with different requirements. As for the emojis, its the age of emoji and stickers, what can I say! People love them but of course you do not have to use them if you do not like it.

I disagree that here is cleaner and easier, actually it is very chaotic to me. Tags are very limited and it is hard to find something in the threads unless you specifically remember the topic name or message. I cannot understand why you’d think you look at what you are interested in and out while on the server you can literally choose which rooms to see and not to see.

I am sorry if this message is a bother, but I only wanted to write because this much of negativity is not something we deserved. Before talking so poorly about something, I think you should also take into account that how many people spent time and efforts to built it. We have an amazing team of staff, dis-cord mods and language representatives, who worked voluntarily to built a system that helps both senior and newbies. There are tons of useful info being shared and more importantly it is very humane there, no drama, no sh*t talking, no blacklisting, people actually engage in conversations (if they like to) and get to know about other volunteers, just as human as themselves. We appreciate each other, celebrate birthdays and viki milestones, learn from each other both about Viki and life tips and tricks and the system we built has helped many newbie to effortlessly find their way to volunteer without going thru lots of hassle due to what viki inbox lack. Just because it was overwhelming to you, i do not think it is fair to mark it as “chaotic, useless, waste of time.” Such strong and negative words for something you did not spend much time to familiarise yourself with (but hey, you do not have to. I remember clearly inviting you myself and offering help with how to use the app/website if you’d need any help.) Our server is up and alive over one year now and hosts more than 540 volunteers. It is safe to say it is liked/helpful to some at least. (:

All in all, I am sorry you had a bad experience. I am also sorry to read such message about the server I created. I understand it may not fit your taste, but as always for you and any volunteer, our team and myself are ready and open to help with the server and customise it to your needs. Apart from volunteering Viki, some of us voluntarily help users with the app if they like (which is a place I like not only for Viki community but also educational reasons since it is amazingly organised by categories, private rooms, and now, threads & forums!) In the end, you do what makes you happy and use what you think it is useful. I wish you a great week and send you lots of positive vibes. Take good care~



Posts for volunteers, moderators, etc. should not be taking place outside of the Viki Discussion Board. The email I just received from Viki instructs Volunteers to these boards, not boards on other platforms.

But it is a Viki platform and I think the ■■■■■■■ and this discussion page are equally important. I have the privilege to work with different people and in some cases it’s easier to use the messages on ■■■■■■■ than here or the Viki mailbox when we are a few in a team. I don’t think one thing that helps out and feels more interactive is bad but I’m happy that there is something for everyone.


Viki can only suggest platforms it itself created. Volunteers, on the other hand, use countless other platforms and social media to organize themselves, and have been doing so even before Viki Discussions had been established :wink:

Face-book, Kakao-talk, Whats-App, Tele-gram etc. all have a wide use in this volunteer community and some are used more in some language communities than others.


My dear, it’s not about your server, it’s about itself. It has nothing to do with you and I am surprised you take it so personally.
If so many people use it, it means it filled a need, and that’s great. For me it’s redundant, to each his/her own, I would say. Why would you call it negativity? Negativity is when one is pre-conceived against something and is not willing to even try (like my mom with computers). But I’ve tried it for many months and it wasn’t for me. Can’t I even say that without being labeled as “negative”?
Yes, I concede that you are right about the background colour. That I hadn’t noticed, to be fair. But you make the font larger, the messages are so many, so incessant, that one would need incessant scrolling.
For me that is the main downside. That people chat so much there that it’s hard to see the really useful things.
I’ve been a member of more than a dozen online fora since at least two decades, and I know how they work, I’m not a technology cavewoman.
And of course I saw the search button in the corner. (And why you would say you are sorry it’s hard to see, you didn’t design the whole website, did you?) To search, you need to know what you are looking for, and if you only search for what you already know, you may miss out a new and interesting discussion which came up. On the other hand, if you start looking for what happened since the last time you visited, it’s so much, and 90% irrelevant chatter, so you get disheartened, you really don’t want to be spending your time like this.

I would hope you could allow every person to state their personal opinion without submerging them with an avalanche of criticism.

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When I started using the internet around 2002 forums were a good thing, and they continued to be popular for quite a few years. But in the end, many publishers and such focus on things like D. more nowadays. For example, the game I’m playing. The forum was active for years, now it’s rather D. and you only use the forum to highlight few important topics. Not to forget that there’s a forum function that allows people to discuss certain specified topics too.
So forums probably won’t be the future despite me liking them - and they are not really cut to build some close relationship. They are for serious discussions (something that can be a bit challenging on D., but just like I mentioned, there is forum function too).


Aren’t they? I guess that highly depends on the kind of forum and those who make the rules. At least on some forums, it is very well possible to create a bond.

If there’s lots of spam :laughing:

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I’ m new in Viki but I can translate from english to Spanish and French, contact me if you need some help with it.