How to: Team Notes and Profile Pages

I just thought I’ll post this here to help anyone who needs this information. I’m not an expert so please feel free to add things and correct me if needed.

Creating Tables (without accessing HTML code)

  1. Click on the table icon image
  2. This opens a box with lots of different settings. If you aren’t sure what size you want your cells to be, leave both width and height blank. Don’t worry if you don’t know how many rows and columns you want. Just enter an estimate.
    Cell padding is for how much space you want to leave between the cell borders and text in the cell.
    Cell spacing is how much space you want to leave between two cells.
    Click OK once you’re satisfied.
  3. MDL(Mydramalist) is your best friend when it comes to pictures and information. It’s another site managed and organized by fans. Find the image you want, right click, and select “Copy Image”
  4. Paste the image where you want it
  5. It won’t always be the size you want it to be. In that case, right click on the picture and select “Image Properties”
  6. This opens another box. Enter the height/width you want. If you enter one of the two, the program will automatically adjust the other dimension so there is no distortion of your image. The box on the right shows the size and how it will look after you click OK.
    Click OK once you’re satisfied with how it will look.
  7. Add rows, columns, and cells by right-clicking where you want it. You can also merge cells.
  8. Select cells, right-click, and choose “Cell,” then “Cell Properties”
    Choose what kind of alignment you’d like, and whether you want a border/border color etc.

If you don’t choose to add borders, the final output looks like this(the table borders from Edit Mode disappear):
Cell padding: 5 | Cell spacing: 15

  1. Select the words you want image
  2. Click the hyperlink icon image
  3. Paste the URL
    Click OK.

Excellent information. Thank you @vivi_1485 :slight_smile:


Do you know whether it works if you hyperlink images?
I tried, but failed. I wanted to know if it’s just not possible or if I’m doing something wrong.

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That is really nice information <3 Thank you for sharing


That’s an old problem. You can add links to images, but those links can only be clicked on the uppper (or lower) part of the image (example: my profile on Viki).



I looked at your profile and see what you mean. I tried it on mine and the links do work.
It’s unhandy though :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I wished it worked like before.
Back then the links could be clicked on the whole image.
Then someone decided to change something in the code and we ended up in this situation.

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Yes, I saw it too. My solution was to write the show title underneath and make that a link too.