How to use the new CM application system - exactly?

At this point, after reading and rereading during my few spare moments what’s been given, I would appreciate a step-by-step, exactly where to go, where are the places to look for these new channels we may apply to run. Where is this application, how to get there. Where are the channels listed, is there a special “open CM spots” file or list to even look through? or are we to spend time scrolling about hunting for something in all those hundreds of titles?

I saw a new fan channel listed in C drama this morning and as an experiment, tried to figure out where to go if you wanted to apply for it, and yeah, I could not figure it out.

  1. Project Finder does not appear to have a way to do this - yet?

  2. Clicking on the grey “Channel Manager” box does not open a menu to apply on the page of the drama.

  3. There do not appear to be any links listed as to where to apply.

Yes, I was logged in at the time, and as a Gold QC should be able to see something if it exists?

So please pardon my ignorance, I don’t want Campus B 2 - but I KNOW there’s 1 or 2 I do want to apply for and I think at this point, someone from viki - not speculation from us - should address this procedure step by step and give us the run down as it goes into effect TODAY.

Thank you.

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Yes, I’ve been refreshing and refreshing, deleting the cache etc. for quite some time now, to no avail.
It seems they are implementing this gradually, one thing at a time. I don’t think it’s a good idea, because it confuses wannabe CMs. But well, let’s give them a few more hours.

I don’t even see how I can select CM projects but I want to apply for an CM position and fill in the form.

Me too, I never get a channel, maybe this system could help me out… I have had only four approved in two years…


I must admit, I’m so mad right now! Viki creates channels for dramas, which were already approved!! Princess Agents is one of this double channels and Nirvana in Fire 2, too. NIF 2 is “my” channel, I have submitted the channel in 2016 and got it approved months ago. This is ridiculous!

Viki has announced, that they will create channels for dramas and even if someone has submitted a channel before, everyone has to apply once again for the channel manager position. But now for already approved channels, too??? I’m really shocked and can’t believe, that Viki disregards their channel manager in such a manner!


Guys…it looks like they are playing with things right now. Working the kinks maybe. Some channels are created and then they disappear. Sounds like testing to me. We should wait a few hours to see what happens.

The already assigned channels can’t be reassigned. That would be a slap in the face and would cause major morale issues around her. Doubt Viki would do that knowingly.

Let’s be patient for a few hours and see.


I really hope so! Otherwise I would be so disappointed… :sob:

Hang in there! Let’s be hopeful that they are working through the little knicks and knacks. They gave you guys that channel already, I’m sure it was an oversight.

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It was announced for the 22nd may, so there are still some hours left somewhere on this planet …

Exactly. They are working on Pacific Standard Time. It’s barely 1pm here. :slight_smile:

I think I saw someone else claim NIF2 in another thread a few minutes ago. Viki is mixing up things too much with the channels.

That was serenite78, we are both CMs for NIF 2 :slight_smile:

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I read in a hurry so I didn’t pay attention to who and what. I thought I read that they were asigned to it with the new system. Will they respect the teams formed? If it will end up the same system, why upend it and not improve it? I’m lost and seriously even less interested in becoming a CM EVER.

I think this is due to our complaints to try to control the CMs or moderators who have many dramas at the same time, the situation turned this way in the end we are all being affected I think everyone has the right to have the channels they want.The error of viki is not knowing many times who requests the channel first, I remember that CDramas before almost nobody took into account had many fan channel with many amazing dramas but The Gone with the Shirt team they made many people cheer to see the dramas but even so there are people who have bothered us to have many channels at the same time but more people came who are mod in our team and they became CMs too and thus in this way support these wonderful dramas.

I think that this method of viki will not work will give the channels to people who are not always active as it does with the gifts many inactive people receive them and people like me who are and every day I have never received anything.


They just deleted the double channel, I’m relieved!


They still seem to experiment. I took a look at it, out of curiosety and seeing 16 pages of all kind of stuff, I wonder if they’ll add a filter function for origin, airing date and channel creation date for example.

It’s there but it says QC and Gold QC can apply, not a word about experience as a moderator …

Should I go back, what they really wrote in the beginning or trust my memory?

P.S. I just knew that this would happen that in the comment section people would apply as moderators …

@anon20195650 It would be great if viki could consider about adding the number of episodes … There is a difference about dramas running for 8 or 25 weeks.


If you click on “Apply to be a Channel Manager”, you can see "Upon review, a Channel Manager will be selected based on a few criteria, including previous management or moderation experience and the time of submission. "

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Yes, it is now a one-click deal.

However, some of us are also still missing our PROJECT experience - I’m missing TWO MANAGER Entries at the present time!

It happens I was also ENG MOD and so those credits are missing as well!

Sigh. Plus some of the channels that are put up have such odd names that you search to try to locate information and there is none…and I’m short time right now to do a full research project, all in the hopes of having a project to do later in the year?

Oh well. :slight_smile: At least the process on our end is now “simpler”. It remains to be seen how well the CM’s will be chosen, I suppose that we will only know when the dramas get done… :slight_smile:

Have an excellent week, Mas4 :).

Moa Desaym

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