How to Use the Project Board

Use this forum to look for volunteers to help with your channels, or if you’re a volunteer, to look for projects to work on! Guidelines on how to post in the Project Board can be found here.

Channel Managers & Moderators – please use the following guidelines when creating a post in the Project Board for any new topic that you create:

Topic subject/title:


  • Examples:
    [On-air Korean Music Show] “SBS Inki Gayo”: Recruiting subbers & segmenters
    [On-air Korean Drama] “Heard It Through the Grapevine”: Recruiting Kor-Eng subbers
    [Taiwanese Drama] “Love Buffet”: Recruiting moderators & subbers

Can I only post one topic per title?
Yes, one post/thread should be dedicated to one title.

What information can I include in the post itself?
You can add any helpful information you’d like! This includes a show description, number of episodes, cast members, & photos. We just ask to have a standardized title/subject for efficiency.

What do I do if I’m done recruiting?
If a topic is inactive for at least 2 weeks, we may close it. If we closed your topic, but you want to recruit more team members, you can create a new topic.


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