How viki works for newcomers

Continuing the discussion from What categories are we missing?:

Continuing the discussion from What categories are we missing?:

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You can use the picture that preena used to answer you if you want, the journey of a drama :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s quite simple and easy to understand! :slight_smile:
Besides, it’s cute!

Hi Milie,
Where do we find preena’s picture? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here it is! ^^


Yes! And I can make the translated versions if people from other languages want it.

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It is very cute and clearly states the general process. Thanks, Milie. :slight_smile:
However, this still doesn’t answer some of the repeated questions that Lacruiser mentioned in his original posting, such as why sub hasn’t been completed, how many episodes are there, etc.
I’ve personally replied back to numerous questions like that with detailed answers as to why subbing process could take a long time.
I think it will be helpful to have some type of FAQ section on the types of questions that lacruiser brought up.

It would be better if people payed more attention to the community wall, too. Many questions are unnecessary, like “when do the episodes come out?” or “How many episodes are left?”. All those answers can be found on the community wall and people ask despite that.

I also find it annoying that people ask the same questions over and over again while most of the time they can just read the answer in the community wall. In the beginning I just answered those questions but now I don’t even bother anymore and ignore them most of the time unless I have a feeling the person might read it. Why? Because some people these days don’t seem to like reading. There are people who ask the same questions every few weeks and they have been replied too before which they didn’t read. It’s not always newbies but also viewers who have an account here for years.

Sometimes I even read things like “PM me otherwise I won’t read” ehm why won’t you read a simple reply but will read a PM?

Sure newbies can ask questions, we where all newbies once, but for a simple thing like “where is the new episode?” use some common sense. If they are still filming it in Korea how is Viki supposed to have new eps? Sometimes they only film Kdrama eps like 1 week or less before airing time.

So yes I’m all for a short and simple Q and A by Viki where all the most common questions are covered. Maybe even a Video or video’s for the people who prefer watching instead of reading.

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Good idea, @Dudie. Maybe a video would attract more attention!

Yes! I agree. There must be a way to inform them.

Agree super cute. Thanks for posting. I just got here! :smiley:

I liked it so much that I made a portuguese version!

You don’t want me to make it? Just send me the picture, I will make it with the original writting :slight_smile: It’s pretty fast with photoshop :slight_smile:

That’s it, @miliefleurie! Thanks for offering :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ll send the text to you. Just wait a sec! It’ll be easier.

  1. O episódio do drama será exibido em seu país de origem;
  2. Algumas horas depois, o episódio será enviado pela equipe do Viki;
  3. Os segmentadores serão os primeiros a trabalhar no vídeo. Eles criam espaços para que possamos colocar as falas dos personagens;
  4. Quando os segmentadores terminam, os tradutores da equipe coreano-inglês começam a traduzir. Ao final, as legendas precisam ser revisadas antes de serem traduzidas para outros idiomas;
  5. Quando as legendas em inglês estiverem completas, a tradução para outros idiomas pode começar;
  6. Após longas horas de trabalho e de envolvimento de muitas pessoas, os vídeos estarão prontos para os telespectadores;

How Cute <3 It is a bit different but has the same theme. I like it! :smiley:

@preena0003: I’m glad you like it! I tried to make it the closest as possible to the original design.

I will put the lines in the original dedign as soon I’m home :slight_smile:

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@miliefleurie You just want to play with photoshop. No? lol! Thanks Milie, It will be nice to have it in other languages as well.

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