How viki works for newcomers

Oh really? but you can just look for another gif with the same actor…just for the sake of having something new :slight_smile:

I’m looking for the cat image. It’s from Romero Britto, a famous brazilian painter! I thought it would be nice to show his work around here, it’s so colorful :slight_smile:

HAHA…really?..I am so not knowledgeable when it comes to the ARTS…you could show me a painting of picasso’s and I would have no idea who made it and yes i like you avatar because it is so colorful and cute.I do see the CAT :wink:

I don’t know much about arts either, but when I was in middle school the art teacher showed us his work and I really liked it (mainly because I love cats and dogs and he makes them a lot. LOL) . So I never forgot…

Luz, you said you were going to change your avatar to another one that was better quality…but this new avatar, I don’t see the cat as much…only its BIG head but not its body

I’m testing many cats.
I’m trying to pick one and I already changed the picture again, but it takes a while to update.
Thanks for the opinion, by the way! I won’t use that pic, we really can’t see the body =/

It’s taking so long to update that I’ll go to sleep. I’ll finish this tomorrow!

Okay then, Night night Luz…sweet dreams to you ^ ^…i would be heading to be soon since i gotta go to school tomorrow :slight_smile:

Can you confirm it’s ok?
I will do the sexy one at home, I don’t have photoshop at my office :slight_smile:

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It’s great, milie! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Here’s another suggestion: I reunited most of viki tutorials and rules and translated them into portuguese, creating a topic at the discussion forums. I added most of the basic info and forgot to add milie’s image, but I’ll do that right away.
I think that’s a good idea, because we don’t have those guidelines in Portuguese and many portuguese users ask stuff related to them. What do you guys think? That way we’ll be able to have one link with plenty information, as @lacruiser suggested. I posted on the Portuguese section, but it would be nice to have something similar in more languages! :slight_smile:

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I think this is brilliant. People don’t consider that you guys take hours out of your busy lives trying to sub and upload these dramas and neither take the time to realize that many of these come from Youtube who has taken many dramas down or that their pestering comments can dissuade people from providing us with the FREE GIFT of translation!!!

I didn’t know before coming on viki :slight_smile: And I didn’t know it took so much time to sub one episode! It’s much more than what I was thinking first :slight_smile:

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yah i hate it when people say where is the sub your so slow that makes me angry, you dont know how those people work hard for you to enjoy it so just wait till they finish you jerk

Until Viki officially creates a link with milie’s wonderful design as well as FAQ info, I went ahead and created a new topic on Subtitle Status so we can direct those questions to this link.


Thanks Ajumma2. Now when we have people questioning subtitle status, instead of explaining things to them, again, we can just tell them to check Subtitle Status Question and Answers in the Discussion Forum. If we want to go to the trouble of inserting the link for them fine but we can just expect them to find their way to it themselves. I think the idea is to try to get them to do a little instead of us always doing it for them.

Thanks for the good words about my design :slight_smile:
And you’re idea is really good, maybe I’ll take time to translate it in french!!!

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You can just cut and paste below for them. I already used it 3 times since yesterday! :wink:

Feel free to let me know if some other Q & A needs to be added or some of the answers need to be modified.