Html codes? Background Colors!

Hi guys Is there something wrong in this picture? (I tried to change the background but I think I fail :/)

It just shows up as words. And I just want to change the background but I just coppied the whole format iin youtube.

Here’s my another question:
Is this background color&style is a product of HTML code? It can be stretch and it wass’t a picture also

I tried deleting some and changing it’s size. At first I thought it is a picture but I was wrong. I really like the round corners and the style of the background.

You need to write HTML in the source not the normal editor like you did in the first pic. Everything you do in the editor like adding pics, colors etc is converted to HTML in the source. When I made my profile I mostly worked in the source and only checked the editor to see if it looked the way I wanted. Also please note that not every HTML code will work on Viki like for example background music, change of cursor etc.

I hope this helped a little.


Hey @Dudie o you know why the editor is so restricted and won’t let you add css?
And yes @Nahyeni_777 it is html codes and not a pic

No, ask Viki

When in blogs you have to change through html codes, in viki everything this is through the source. best way to do it is go into a channel you like that has the style and inspect the element, and copy its code but change color code to your liking.

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