I "Need" to Become the CM

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry that I have to post this on Viki Discussions, but they are not replying to my email that I sent them months ago.

I am on the project Flipped or Not as an English editor/CE, but the project is not going well with the segments not in great condition (there are parts of the movie that are missing segments) and subtitles that are not on par yet. What makes it even more difficult is that the movie is not split into parts, which makes it even harder for the team to work on this movie. I would just like to be added as a CM so I can split this movie into parts and help this movie and its channel become alive again. If someone from Viki could help me with this, I would be so thankful. @anon20195650

Channel: https://www.viki.com/movies/32624c-flipped-or-not


I feel your pain. I have the same problem on another project. An old korean drama. Inactive CM and episodes not cut into parts. Unfortunately, the Help Center is not as efficient as before.

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You should voice your concern here as well. It’s really sad that the Help Center isn’t able to do what it’s supposed to efficiently anymore and that we the volunteers suffer from it. I feel guilty for not being able to work on this project even though it’s not entirely my fault. :disappointed_relieved:


pm @anon27228197 or @kris_o They approve channels

@mas4 fixing segs is hard :frowning: and the count doesn’t even go up much. I fixed 11 parts by myself. This was so painful.

I’ll message them now. Thanks! :grin:

I’m sorry that I have to bump this up, but no Viki staff have messaged me about this matter; I did send a message to one of the staff members a month ago, but there was no reply. If someone could help me with this, I would be so thankful.


Well, what I do not understand … Doesn’t that channel have a channel manager? And she is active, at least she was 11 days ago … Did you ever contact her?

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Oh, I should’ve checked. I will message her now. The new rules for adding a co-CM is in force around next week, right? I hope she replies by then.

You mean you did all this before checking with her? LOL!

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She was inactive for months at the time I created this topic. I assumed she wouldn’t have come back for a long time. I’m sorry.

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Don’t worry, it happens, it happened to me once as well. The moment that, after my request, I was made co-manager by viki, the person reappeared.