I really hope

the CMs won’t add random users as language editors then… because the mess would be insane:

An editor for a non-EN language should be added as a Moderator so as to have all necessary channel permissions.

That only shows that VIKI company does not understand how the community works and this will only open new options for abusers (e.g. by being added as ‘editor’ for OL but having no clue about the workflow here nor about specific aspects for specific dramas).

If they’d asked once the community about their wishes for organization tools, subbing, segmenting and edit…


The idea is good, the implementation is unclear.
We are already aware of the editor role, TE, GE and CE.
As of now only English editors are well known positions.
What this article says is, TE should be added as English moderator, GE as Editor and CE as all languages moderator. Either they didn’t explained it well or I am not able to understand. All English teams have been doing this since ages except that GE now will be added as “Editor”. A new position? Like Subtitler, segmenter and moderator? Just a virtual position, for more designs on cover pages?
Where’s the change?

For OL, I see 2 moderators for popular languages every now and then, most probably one of them organizes the team, the other edits. Once again, where’s the change?

A new badge? This one seems to be a badge that’s really in demand


Because they insist on super simple one-sentence explanations, I am confused what the authors are really trying to say here.


The new position is something we have been asking for, because it is useful when we want to recruit someone, to know whether he has done this before or not, on which projects etc.

I would give all three editors Editor role because that’s what they do. General or Translation or Chief. Of course the Chief Editor should also have permissions to open and close, and recruit people/add them to the team, so yes, he should also be Moderator.


According to this page, How do I assign the right role for each editor type? – Help Center (viki.com)

Editor is just a modified version of a subber who is allowed to do just two more actions than a subber.

I spend this entire morning reading the discussions on editor position topics and it indeed was a position in demand. But, I am actually not satisfied with the limitations on GE.

A lot of GEs send messages to the team when post release edits are made to an episode. Not being able to send messages to the entire team is a drawback right now.

It’s basically no access to manage page but access to subtitle editor.

If the same happens for OL editors, I have no problem but limiting access for English editor is bad.

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hmmm :thinking: really curious to see what will happen next week as well.

If they do have a new badge, will the OL editors get one too then? Because they say to add them as moderators.

Hope that it won’t become a mess :sweat_smile:

From what I understand there is no official OL editor. They say those should be given the position of a Moderator.

Isn’t that really the job of a CE?

We have two options here:

  1. we complain and suggest more Editor categories along with a set of permissions for each of them
  2. we adopt to working with the new channel role.

At this point I think no. 2 is a more viable option.

In reality, the CM will have to continue to also give moderator status. So they will have a double role.

I’d like to have an editor role for OL language mods too, because a OL mod does not necessarily do the edit and an editor does not recruit subbers or organize, so the best for OL would be when the OL mod could add subbers and editors as role.