I Would Like To Watch A Drama With A Male Harem

I adore dramas, but surely you’ve noticed that it’s always the King who maintains a harem of usually stressed-out women who are constantly bickering amongst each other for the privilege of bearing an heir and hopefully moving up in the world.

But what if the roles were reversed? What if there were a Queen instead that had a bunch of hot guys by her side, constantly vying for her attention?
Hey, it works for bees. The females control everything within the hive. Not just that, but without them, the planet would die out. Why can’t it be the same with humans? At least in Dramaland?

My mum said such a show would piss off a lot of people. “Good!” I said. Anyway, what do you think? Would you watch it? I would for sure. But I definitely want to hear your opinions.



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Your opinions I value the most.


thats about as bad as watching the dramas with a female haram, see? didnt read all of your message, hmmm not a bad idea, being we have “oldfashioned” ideas , maybe learn to slowly go into this? hey I am game with it, and why not??? with the right guys of course, andf if I am not mistaken, there was a movie with what you are talking about, an old sci fi, if I recall…


I didn’t think that much about that, and you didn’t ask me hahaha
But I have watched something like that, it’s a really short Chinese drama but very funny, I enjoyed it a lot!!
Five husbands hahaha


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I was going to mention that one drama too bc I saw it a long time ago. It’s too bad it wasn’t as exciting as it should have been bc the way they always censor what they show on Asian world to the general public, was too goody/goody for me, but they were all so cute and appetizing. lol

When I was a teenager they showed a lot of those movies about women ruling over men in an Island, and the men were very miserable bc they treat the guys really bad/abusive, so it wasn’t fun to watch. I hate abuse to ANYONE. The only abuse I can FULLY watch and enjoy is when is done to rapist, pedophiles, child abusers/killers, etc. other than that, is a complete turn off to watch.

I wished they had more variety when making films in the Asian industry, but they don’t give in, and we’re constantly watching/see the same crap over and over again. Drunken girl, unattractive girl, gorgeous well to do guy (not necessarily CEO), piggy back rides, fish kisses, opened eyes (are coming back! ugh) in K dramas.

The Chinese dramas baby voice females, that is so dumb the guy has to do everything for her, and even die, so she can stay alive in the world until she finds another sucker that will die for her again. I just finished watching one on ntfx and the guy was a prince and he almost dies but they had to killed someone and they ‘‘killed’’ her Dad. I wanted to break the TV (honestly). I’m done with Chinese dramas.

I know we will never see a drama here with an all male harem which I know MANY will enjoy; to see that kind of exciting drama. WISH I was the main actress, too.


A lot of people write how they don’t know what dramas I see bc they are ‘‘weird?’’ but I tend to go more by the ML/FL chemistry, and if I don’t see that from the get go, I don’t bother watching, Lately they are making the FL look so unattractive, extreme short hairdo, not one ounce of make up, dreadful clothes and this is so repulsive to me, but more repulsive that the actresses are accepting these types of roles, and continue the vicious cycle going on and on for years giving a wrong message

You may ask: why is it repulsive to me? Simply bc unattractive women (or men) have the right to love and be loved, so these types of dramas give the wrong message to most, and confuse some young girls that in the long run will only want the good looking guy that likes ‘‘unattractive girl’’ too. In some cases, the magic of make up, won’t helped this poor young girls, the way it did to the actress who wasn’t unattractive in the first place. It’s really sad.

Why can’t they just start making dramas that the girl sees regular looking guys, falling in love with a regular looking girl, and is normal! There’s this drama I won’t mention name and I saw this comments that the guy was ‘‘ugly’’ and they won’t ever watched a drama if the ML looks like that ugly? I guess So unfair, everyone deserves to love and be loved no matter how they look!

Since they keep getting this wrong message, this girls that might not be pretty at all, but they can’t fathom the thought of an ugly guy finding love. It’s so unfair! I can imagine and pray that this actor/actress didn’t read this comment bc I can imagine how painful it must be for him/her ,and we have to blame this Asian dramas that for their own selfish financial gain; are making this types of dramas. From now on, if i see a drama like that, I’m not going to watch it bc I’ll be part of that injustice. We ALL no matter how we look, deserve to love and be loved too!


Well, no harem …
No queen …
Only a female tribe leader who is used to the fact (of her tribe) that the women have the say.
You will still get the usual alpha male, even being a fish out of water doing whatever he wants for his benefits. She “as a real leader” (irony!) has to follow him, when he abandons her, now he is back in his world playing his games while she is the fish out of water.

Some things are funny, others are less … Don’t know if you would like to watch it, since it is not really what you are looking for.

Can’t really think of any male harem … Still thinking …


Hmm, I’m personally really a stickler for history and value historical accuracy. I’m currently reading a book “A History of Korea” by Kyung Moon Hwang. Essentially, Korean culture became really patriarchal after the rise of Joseon in the late 14th century and the concurrent rise of Confucianism (blame Gim Busik for this, he was also related to Queen Seondeok and downplayed her achievements in his works). While this same happened a lot earlier in China. Women lost lot’s of rights, stopped receiving proper inheritances, funeral rites was transferred to men etc. etc. Many dramas feature the Joseon specifically and also a strong women character. These women characters would have been unlikely, historically speaking during the Joseon, but more likely in earlier Korean history. So I would personally like to se a drama about Queen Seondeok, I don’t know about her having harems, but she had several guys over the years or a drama about Wu Zetian (who had male concubines etc.). This would be both historical and portray strong women that despite wielding political power, also exploited men sexually (especially Wu Zetian). Btw, Wu Zetian was a serious badass, I suggest you look her up. Queen Seondeok was of sorts a “founding woman” of Korea, she contributed greatly to the unifying of Korea under Silla. Just to name a few women that actually be the topic of a drama and historically accurate at the same time. However, the entertainment industries around the world often tend to focus on the Kings as you say, history writing has also historically favored telling the histories of men and kings rather than women or even strait up downplaying the contributions by these women, this is thankfully changing and newer works attempts to remedy this and give credit where credit is due.

Another alternative would be fiction, where everything is game and you can have every type of Harem setup, and I would very much like to se it if the rest of the story also was intriguing, same kdrama version of Game of Thrones would be awesome.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


It does not say it in the synopsis, but if I remember correctly, there is a woman authority figure, having males under her thumb, in this C-Drama.


I agree with @frustratedwriter… it’s as bad as watching a female harem. I love dramas that present equality. They don’t have to be the same. The woman doesn’t have to be someone who beats people up and the guy doesn’t have to be a puppy. I just love it when the two are equals, respect each other, build each other up, and cover for the other’s flaws. Where one is weak, the other is strong… something like that.

What I don’t get is why writers like to make a “strong woman” by making her a person who acts entitled, beats people up for no reason, constantly tries to act savage and roasts everyone, is always perfect with zero flaws…
People love giving this stupid argument-- “most MLs are arrogant jerks but you’re okay with it, why can’t you stand an arrogant jerk woman?” Yes, there are some MLs who are jerks througj and through. But most of the arrogant, narcissistic MLs I’ve seen usually change towards the end. They become gentle, they start thinking of others, they learn how to save and sacrifice and love. That doesn’t happen when the roles are reversed. An FL who hits, kicks and screams at people for no reason is applauded because she’s “fierce” and “strong”. THAT ISN’T HUMAN BEHAVIOUR! BEHAVE YOURSELF!
As someone wise once said: “Men don’t need to kneel for a woman to stand.”


I know this is not really what you are asking about, but @kdrama2020ali and I were just discussing yesterday the absurd number of dramas in which there are multiple guys (more than just the normal 2 involved in a triangle) who are vying for the FL’s attention. It’s very unrealistic, made more so by the fact that these women are often nothing to write home about. The one I just watched was a bully and treated all the guys like her slave. Why they all coveted her, I’ll never understand.


I’m not sure we’ve interacted here on Viki. But I welcome your reply and recommendation. :grin:


Queen Seondeok is very popular where I live, the kdrama I mean. I’m sure if she were still alive, we’d all love her. :smile_cat:

I think they pick someone bland/blank in order for the viewers to relate, to put themselves in the shoes of the main character. It’s something done frequently in role-playing games. I imagine it’s the same with these dramas.


Oh, I like that. I’m so stealing it. :sweat_smile:

But Yes, there’s no reason to replace the gender, but keep the bully attitude. That’s the fun part. This is just the premise. It could become anything.





I’m all up for that. :sweat_smile: :two_hearts:

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You can venture there anytime you want - and I am all for the REVERSE - Queen with a Harem of gorgeous guys I mean COME ON. :laughing:



Why you always feel it has to be a ‘‘gorgeous’’ guy? There are many men that are not the most gorgeous thing in the world, but they are such a gentlemen, such a sweetheart, that in a realistic woman would see that those ARE really; the most handsome man in this world.

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OH @angelight313_168 I know that - very very well - totally - GORGEOUS to me might not be GORGEOUS to you! We all have our types that draw us in with their SWEETNESS.

I am all about the personality - the kindness - the gentleman - the sweetheart! That is GORGEOUSNESS to me -

(My sweet :bird: and my guys in Hottie Posse are a myriad of all different styles of guys)
and its all just for fun.



Well for China it isn’t all that unrealistic, maybe “the how” is from the world of fantasy, but the one child policy was only abandoned recently and most pairs who could “choose” did choose a boy over a girl, therefore there are too many young men and not enough women.