If YOU Could LIVE in KDRAMA World - Whose World & With WHOM? Why?💜



OK this isn’t the only WORLD but I have a thing for that Apartment and his CAR and handsome Lee Jong Suk’s sweet character Kang Cheol! And their chemistry was OFF the charts… I don’t know if I would want to move between both worlds - I definitely don’t want all the issues! But the COMIC World was pretty cool & worry FREE until it unraveled…hahahahahahaha!

And I want to do ALL the things in the DATING BOOK



Choi Jin Hyuk in Fated to Love You, I don’t care that he was second lead, I’d live that life with him. :wink:

Park Hyung Sik in anything, but I love they way he looked at Park Bo Young in Strong Woman

I loved So Ji Sub in Master’s Sun, but I don’t know if I could withstand all the times he said get lost.

There’s too many, Ji Chang Wook, (another one who looks at his leading lady as if he’s going to devour her,) Gong Yoo… I’m not very faithful to my male leads. lol


YES - Choi but I would want to live with him in PARIS!!! I loved that 2nd Lead character

Well I have so many more I thought I would bring them out ONE by ONE! And Wookie is ONE!

Let’s see Junho, Gong Yoo, Kim Jae Wook, Ji Chang Wook, Minho, Seo Kang Joon and Seo In Guk
I need to figure out what WORLDS - hahahahahahaha!

The reason I like “W” is it is a fantasy world where everything is ALWAYS good! And that darn dating book was so darn sweet!



With JUNHO - In Wok of LOVE - I love Chef Seo Poong - He was so SWEET and LOYAL
and I want him to make ALL the YUMMY Foods for me!!!

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I was looking at Wookie gif and found this one, the way he looks at the dog… lol


He put his puppy to sleep a few months ago!!! I was so SAD for him.
Wookie can look at a signpost like he is in love - he is so Good!:purple_heart:

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Watching this one now, and I agree that his character is great so far!

I think my choice for fictional universe would be Sungkyungkwan Scandal, maybe in more peaceful times. I want to go to Joseon boarding school! And any of the leads would suit me just fine!

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With No Disease or Drought or Famine that would be good! Only reason why I might not do a historical world! But being like a Queen would be cool! Without the political infighting - ok that’s not gonna happen and there are concubines that would make me irritated!

I love Chef Poong! OMGosh enjoy Junho and all the yummy food! And Jang Hyuk as the loveable gangsta

I wouldn’t want to live in that era, far too many restrictions on women, not just in S Korea, basically anywhere in that time period. Even being a noble woman or a Queen wouldn’t grant much more freedom.

I’m far too jaded for this game. lol


Gong Yoo as my Goblin - As long as Bad things didn’t happen

Gong Yoo - My Coffee Prince
Aw - a Good PiggyBack Ride
And I love his little MINI he drives

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The kings and queens seem to have the least freedom of anyone! I honestly watch some of these dramas where people fight over the throne and it’s confusing why, because it seems waaaay better to be a rich merchant or random prince exiled to Jeju and ignored. Specifically chose Sungkyungkwan because the school atmosphere is a little bit removed from the palace! Of course I would not want anything to do with the palace/court dramas. Don’t make me an official! Song Joong Ki’s character seems to have a pretty good life.


In dramas most of the officials are just plain evil. I agree being a wealthy merchant would be much better than being a king or queen, someone is always trying to kill them. (Me & melodramas don’t get along, an so many of the historical dramas seem to be melodramas, with all the politics & infighting.)


Ok, here I go:

1. Goblin. I just love how cute he is with her.

2. The king. I think that I don’t need to explain it that much, I believe that we always dream about a man who can go through all the “worlds” to find you again.

3. My Love from the star. Besides he’s a cutie pie hehe, I think that it’s also the fantasy of a man who tries to be with you against everything.

4. Scripting your destiny. I just love how he falls in love with her over and over again.


I am ALL in for Goblin, The King: Eternal Monarch and My Love from the STAR!

I love GOBLIN (no bad stuff) The KING and that darn HORSE!!! and Who would not want an ALIEN for a boyfriend - I loved that drama!!!

Everyone probably things W:2 Worlds because of his money - that is not really it - just a world where you didn’t have to worry and that sweet boyfriend just treated you like a QUEEN! He was just so darn sweet with that dating book…I love that show - except for the unraveling part - not that part :heart_eyes:


I Am Not A Robot cuz LOOK at that sweet FACE - I loved him and he was so QUIRKY
Such a BEAUTY and the BEAST modern story!:purple_heart:Yoo Seung-ho

Seriously Can I live with the Water God - Nam Hyuk in his World - Just saying! To die for in that costume


Ji Chang Wook - All day Everyday - Kiss King - Suspicious Partner - Brooding Handsome Lawyer/Prosecutor

Melting Me Softly Ji Chang Wook - Whoosh - In this world he gets :fire:, so he has to cool down
totally ok with me! The way he looks at his FL…


And there’s Ji Chang Wook trying to devour his leading lady. Don’t get me wrong, I love how realistic his kisses look.


Another GOOD Word! I love good words!


This question has me in such a dilemma!! I tried to merge all my favourite characters into one “world”…but what do I do, some actors are in multiple dramas :flushed::flushed:
hmmm…I’d like to live in Deok-Jin’s house with Veronica PARRRRK and Shim Chung(mermaid from LOTBS) as my roommates :grin:.

Kingcastle Apartments is down my street and I’m somehow part of the KIS. I’d babysit the twins and Baek Eunha(LJG’s daughter from Flower of Evil​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:). How to get baby Sol from Waikiki into this world? Jung In Sun her mom, too! :grimacing::weary:

Henry and Sung Hoon’s characters from Oh My Venus live in the house upstairs(can’t have the main couple because So Ji Sub lives as Terrius in this world :flushed:).
Xing Kelei and Mi Ka (You are My Hero) also live next door and Kim Min Kyu and Jo Ji Ah (I’m Not A Robot) live in the house next to them.

Lee Joon Gi and I will forever be star-crossed love so I’ll let him live across the street with his Flower of Evil family. WHY IS LEE DO HYUN ALWAYS IN THE PAST?! :sob::sob:

I’d go to work at Doldam hospital with the entire Dr. Romantic [SEASON ONE] staff :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Everything is perfect. Now I just have to find out how to get Crown Prince and Ninja from MDBC to th present world :thinking::sob:

Goodness, I’m way too greedy. :sob::sob:


Your so funny - BUT Who’s your Boyfriend!!! I’m so confused! Your living with everyone upstairs or across the street! But you have seriously COOL friends!

I so want HENRY to be my friend!!!

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OMG I forgot Nam Hyuk in the water god, I just love that look!!! He’s so handsome