If YOU Could LIVE in KDRAMA World - Whose World & With WHOM? Why?๐Ÿ’œ


RIGHT - But I wanna live in his world - he looked so good as the WATER GOD and Iโ€™ll hang out sitting in a spring of water with him - you know he loves BATHS


hahaha yup, I can remember perfectly!!! hahaha
Of course, the idea is living in his world, not mine.


Well - He did come into her world - naked at first!!! Oh Nam Hyuk! The thing about Water God is that they could have done so much more with his Water God Character I wanted MORE MORE MORE**

I loved when he would wait for her in the ALLEYWAY


yes, youโ€™re right. But even like that, I love him in that show.
I donโ€™t know what do you think, but I also love this couple!!



I like Nam Hyuk whatever way he wants to be - I just thought he was so HOT in that costume!

Aw, yes they were so sweet I forgot about them!!!


I want a K-drama world in which I run a detective agency, and my operatives are Lee Seon Kyun, Ji Chang Wook, Namgoong Min . . . and a number of other gentlemen who look good in slouch hats.

Edit: I need to add Shin Sung-Rok who has the oddest-looking face but who is a compelling actor and absolutely knows how to wear pinstripes. And Choi Jin Hyuk who looks fetching in Kendo garb and was amazing in Tunnel.


Just to watch them run around would be a pleasure!


Iโ€™m not confident enough to claim any of them! :joy::joy: Anyway, I shamelessly keep on falling for so many male leadsโ€ฆbest way to have them all near me is to be their friend! And also, thereโ€™s no one for them except their leading ladies :heart_eyes:

Cooool! If any of you get hurt, Iโ€™ll be waiting at Doldam Hospital with open arms! :joy:




Enough Said!!!


I will patiently be Hwaiting for you to PICK!!! I have 7 in my posse well maybe 8 ok maybe 9 but I do have a #1 - You can do it!!! Pick one!


I wanna be the ConArtists - Mermaid ** :purple_heart: Lee Min Ho**

And he was so handsome in the period - purple costume


Took me a long time to settle down on one.

Why? The tone of the โ€œtoneโ€ of the drama, the friendship, that the ML was no genius at all, but had a heart of gold, โ€ฆ


I have never heard of that drama! Thanks for sharing
Added to my Umbrella Collection - Look at that RAIN


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I wanna be DOOMED

Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama

Off the top of my head, I remember thinking specifically while watching โ€˜Suspicious Partnerโ€™ that I would really love to work at their law firm because that cast was a hoot, and it seemed like everyday at work would be fun. Having Wookie as a boss would just be icing on the cake.


I would stare at him so much he would keep having to ask me if I was listening


An occupational hazard for sure. :heart_eyes:


We Heart It


I wanna go SLACKER With WOOKIE

His Hair is SOOOO WAVY and LONG

Just saying sleeping with Wookie๐Ÿ’œ would be a HUGE issue he is ALL over the place!!! hahahaha!

Not that normal Mr. Cuddly in a drama!