If YOU Could LIVE in KDRAMA World - Whose World & With WHOM? Why?💜


How have I lived without sleepy, bedhead Wookie until now?


Isn’t he ADORBS! I love when he comes out of the camper and he doesn’t seem to know where he is and says jinjja like really where am I!!! I am a nite person so I hate mornings me and him would be buddies


A conversation with @kdrama2020ali in another thread inspired this answer…

This quiet world of a bookstore in the countryside is right up my alley. And what wonderful company I would have there.

I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice


I’m there in the book club with you starring at Seo Kang Joon - wishing he’d make me a cup of coffee and I don’t even drink coffee - tea - tea he can make me tea - or cocoa!


I don’t drink coffee either, but cocoa is a perfect alternative for the setting.


ahh it’d be loadsss of fun. We wouldn’t get a BIT of work done, but I’d be satisfied watching JCW adorably lose his cool and start ranting every time we meet up for meetings :joy: And his dad’s never-ending stories, along with NJH shading and subtly insulting him :joy:


Multi fandom

Cocoa - Books - and Seo Kang Joon - Sign me UP!


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Well, I would like to change a bit of this story end, but yeaah…
Look at this… really… Ryu Jun Yeol is just so freaking another level of attractive. ^^.
And to finish it all… I am waiting for the next world coming soon in “LOST”


What a perfect way to start the day! :heart_eyes::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just saw some teaser pics of this. He looks really good with long hair.


I thought you would like that! I don’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol so give me some cocoa or a good German Herbal tea and I’m there buddy! And you know Seo Kang Joon can hang out!!! And Books I love the smell of BOOKS! Aw, I might have to watch this again.

I started Monthly Magazine Home even though I have 400 others started - had squirrel moment because VIKI picked it for me.


Chinese Drama Info

He’s so handsome I could just watch his stoic protective self walk around in his gorgeous robes all day
Xu Kai Cheng
maybe hang out in his world a little while


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Got it, thank you :slight_smile:


Understood, thank you so much :slight_smile:


100 Days My Prince - DO-zie
@my_happy_place This article is cute



Can I live with DO-zie in :100: Days My Prince - In the Village - In the Palace Whatever


Yea, but Habaek was a complete narcissist until she somewhat tamed him. :smirk::rofl:

Really? Where? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in Kendo.


Aw he was a kittycat! :smile: