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I am also suspicious when someone “speaks” so many languages. There are people who can do so, but I think it’s natural to be skeptical.

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Auch schlimm, wenn alles gesubbt ist, aber dann bei der TE/ GE hängt und Nicht zur CE kommt


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Well, I can imagine there might be people who learned many languages or have parents from different countries or they live at a place where there are different main languages. But if someone states that they speak Japanese, Chinese, Catalan, Portuguese, Indonesian and Korean on a native level/ level to translate from English into one of those languages… well, I started investigating and they were deleted. For that reason I recommend being a bit suspicious though.

Ich glaube, einige übernehmen sich da etwas… ich meine, ich verstehe das Dilemma, dass es zu wenige gibt, aber das ist vermutlich auch nur ein Teil der Wahrheit.


Ich glaube die meisten würden sich das nicht eingestehen und sich munter drauf los bewerben für alle Dramen, die ihm/ ihr gefallen.


Gerade beim Edit wird ja in der Regel nicht geschaut wvl die nebenher machen und daher würde ich mir da echt überlegen, ob ich es schaffe immer alles innerhalb von ~1-2 Tagen abzuarbeiten (nach Freigabe der vorherigen Stufe). Da hat man es als OL-Mod vergleichsweise leichter und wird dennoch eher dazu angehalten sich zu mäßigen.


Da hast du leider recht


Actually, in my opinion one shouldn’t be an Editor unless they are 100% fluent. That means the only errors one does from time to time are typos. While the real mistakes in translation happen very, very rarely.

Edit: This also means that the person who is still studying the language should not be the chief editor for the language.


Personally, humility is a trait I value highly. There is a Korean proverb “벼는 익을수록 고개를 숙인다” which loosely translates to “As the crop ripens, it bows its head.” The weight of knowledge should feel heavy to a humble person. This is why I get weary of someone boasting about their ability to translate. Recently, I was asked by a CM to either become the TE or recommend someone to be the TE for a Korean movie. I remembered working with a very diligent new Kor-Eng subber in one of the recent k-dramas so I asked her if she was interested. To my surprise, she politely declined and told me that she’s only been studying Korean for about 2 years and that she didn’t feel that she was ready to be a TE. I now know that not only is she competent and consistent but she is also humble as well.



If we only had more humble and honest ppl like you, the one you mentioned here, including xylune… but (in certain ‘‘languages’’ but definitely not Korean) we have some ppl. here with this greed, and totally indifferent to giving quality work in the subtitles provided by them in the dramas they work in., But that’s a broken record already. I had recently several encounters with ppl working as EDITOR and they won’t communicate in English bc they obviously can’t (it will take too long for them to do all that ‘‘Google translate’’ they would have to do), and since they have 5 or more projects they are working on, they definitely don’t have the time to prove me otherwise so they rather accuse me of not knowing Spanish, and that is why I write to ‘‘them’’ in English when all I was trying to do was to confirm if they really were proficient enough in the English language to be an Editor in so many dramas.

PS. I also decline to be Editor bc like a Spanish saying goes: pa’ hacer porqueria, pa’ eso no hago na’’ but not everyone has the commitment, pride and desire to give quality work in all they do. If I knew Korean/Chinese etc. I would definitely do it, but since I can’t be sure the original language translation (in some projects) are not 100% I rather not venture there.


Well, in German projects we usually have Native speakers (I think I met one person so far who has German as secondary language/studied it at university), but sometimes they do lots of minor mistakes or simply have difficulties understanding the English text. They obviously don’t use a translator, but they seem to have difficulties grasping sentences over 2-3 segments or lack the knowledge how to find good expressions (instead they often stick very close to the English translation). Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend them to edit. Just like I’m not that confident with my English tenses. I have no issues building them, but I am probably not always using them accurately. :rofl: (just edited my tense lol)


Hahaha! :grin:

Same here, I don’t really dare to edit English, as I still find mistakes in my old posts here in Discussions (mostly prepositions in phrases and word order). And God knows how many other mistakes I have which I’m not even aware of.


This is the other extreme.
Seems as if the drama is fully added and has English subtitles, I didn’t look at them, so at this point I don’t know if they need editing, and it has many other subtitles in other languages.

But because the CM seat is vacant, there is no subtitle team page and no way to add this to a collection. Doesn’t make any sense at all to me …

Any volunteers working on "Ancient Detective" Chinese drama?

This show started airing in April 2020 according to the earliest ratings for this drama which mentioned “looking forward to more episodes”.

It’s almost finished for all 11 languages which have started translating it, and the team has a proper Viki name (Amnesia team).

The fact that there is no Team tab makes me think that the message “Looking for a channel manager” could be just another glitch in the sea of glitches lately.


This happens to other shows as well. It’s the result of someone deleting their account or Viki deleting an account. If a person who is a CM deletes his account, at some point, the channel will go back to “looking for a channel manager.”


That’s also possible. Still, I would then expect the Team tab to be present with loads of volunteers. But there is nothing there.

Unless this is a series which has completely been translated by a Vikibot to 11 languages and there is no team. But then all the languages would have been finished a long time ago. And they aren’t.


I really don’t understand why we are experiencing these many issues lately, though they are not major ones but they are troubling us to some extent. And staff are not responding in discussions.and help center is slow because of all these issues.




It seems to [me] the problem began when the amnesia also got to the team members, and they forgot they were working on [Ancient Detective] that by the way… I also forgot I was watching this drama; so there is something strange about using the word amnesia? Just kidding I left the drama bc I got horribly bored with the story.


I couldn’t find a better topic to post this…

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I found another instance where the same CM appointed another rookie as a mod. Sigh…

I didn’t report this CM earlier, but I’d rather do it right now.


Hi all! It’s strange yes, many movies in my country are already translated online on other resources. I’ve watched them all already. Here they are just being translated. I wish it was faster. I like Viki only because I can watch it on the big TV screen. And of course I dream of becoming a moderator.