If you were given the opportunity to spend one day with only ONE Korean actor/actress

Who would that person be? (Hypothetically speaking…):airplane::airplane::airplane:
Please share your opinions respectively below… In my opinion, there are two that are have a distinct reputation in terms of their acting career.:sweat_smile: However, between the two choices in deciding in such a fete is still to be finalized before purchasing the tickets to travel overseas…:heart_exclamation:
Have fun and be as innovative as you wish! :slight_smile::sparkling_heart:

Out of all the dramas that I have watched, there are two favorites that have been distinct and bold in their acting careers that leaves me with a challenging obstacle to choose between the one of them… Between the two of them, their names are Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Joon Gi. Gong’s previous/current works including Pasta, Mater’s Sun, It’s Okay, That’s Love and Jealousy Incarnate, were/are definitely my favorites as she sets a different stage from other actresses with her implausible acting. Joon Gi’s current/previous works including Two Weeks, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Iljimae, and King and the Clown, conveys his exquisite acting skills as he puts much passion to each role he chooses to partake in. Therefore, between Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Joon Gi, I just cannot decide between these two stars as they are both exceptionallly well in many aspects!!!:revolving_hearts:


No Contest!
Lee Jun Ki.
That is after I woke up from a dead faint.
I have seen all of his work from Hotel Venus to Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.
“Time Between Dog and Wolf” remains as my all-time favorite.
He has grown as an actor and as a person.
He has now earned the coveted “Senior” position because his acting is off the scale.
His passion for his family, fans, and helping others has made him a humanitarian to be proud of.
So I would definitely put on my “walk-on-water” shoes and get to Seoul if I could.



It would absolutely have to be Yoo Ah In. If I could add one, it would be one of the most interesting actors in the character roles - Lee Jae-Yong.

Yoo Ah In because I believe he is the best Korean actor right now and I’ve watched his work progress. He moved me to tears in The Throne. He made me reconsider my view on Lee Bang Won…and see possibly some insight into a man conflicted by many challenges at the start of the Joseon Dynasty.

Lee Jae-Yong has played so many roles, in so many great dramas…I really wonder what his favorite role is. I remember seeing him in Jumong…and from then on, I always look for him. His presence, even in a comedy, is a sign of a GOOD DRAMA!

For it is not always the central actors and actresses, but the supporting cast that make a drama really great. :slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut

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Now, I have to completely agree with Lee Jun Ki. No doubt. But just to mix it up, I think it would be wicked fun to hang out with Choi Siwon for the day. I love his dimples and his derp faces. I get this feeling that his personality in real life is close to how he acts. I could be wrong so would love to spend the day finding out! Not to mention he could reveal life from both an actor and long time musician standpoint plus both Korean and Chinese drama! My second love syndrome in She was Pretty was no joke! :heart_eyes:

Spend a day together as what?

  1. buddies doing fun stuff and having nice long talks
  2. fan permitted to follow the star in his/her daily routine
  3. lover, having sex, romantic dates etc…

Which one do you mean? Because for different purposes one may choose different people. Your favourite actor, the one with awesome acting skills, may not be a person you find attractive as a prospective partner.

So the question was too vague.

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3 wouldn’t be possible, according to the dramas we watch. It takes about 7 years for Korean couples to start holding hands, about 2.5 years to start touching each other’s hair. No way romance could happen in 24h.

1&2 could be combined.

The question is not that vague.

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If you like Yoo Ah In and you haven’t watched the movie ‘Veteran, above the law’ yet, you should definitely see it. He’s in it and it’s a good and funny movie :slight_smile:

No 3 would be very possible according to what we read on soompi and other sites about the real life of k-stars. It seems they have a great liking for one-night stands and casual sex, since their crazy fans forbid them from having normal dating relationships: they fish women from night clubs, they bring girlfriends to their houses and like to have sex in the toilet.

This is true for every celebrity since the first celebrity ever :).The more conservative the worse.

However, when agencies sell this kind of publicity they go to great lengths to keep their idols’ image squeaky clean. Therefore, just like we don’t talk about arms deals and drug use during philanthropy events, we don’t talk about possible private outcomes of other marketing events.

I don’t think they would ever list number 3 as an option. So, it would have to be 1 or 2.

Haha, who opened a can of worms here :joy: I have to chime in, that is a hot topic among many fans.
I have dreamt few times of Kim Jae Joong, am I really bad? :blush:
Anyway as a woman I fan many male artist here is my list on top of my head

  1. Kim Jae Joong
  2. Yon Ah
  3. Jang Hyuk
  4. Lee Jun Ki
  5. Oh Ji Ho
    I would love to take a stroll where they have street vendors and then have a nice delicious dinner, must not be fancy at all! :ramen::beers: or go for a hike :evergreen_tree: or visiting them “in action”, or spending time however they would want to, lol :laughing: :innocent:
    But I don’t speak Korean :scream:

As for women I’d like to meet:

  1. Ha Ji Won
  2. “Mishil” Go Hyun Jung
  3. “Horse Doctor” Lee Yo Won
  4. “I have a lover” Kim Hyun Joo

Perphaps a bit shopping and city showing and a stroll, Im having a blank right now, I thinking if I had a choice how would I spend it? :wink:
In the end, I think many of the artist have their own charm, charisma and interesting side, but my life dream would be really Jae or Jang Hyuk :heart_eyes:
I would meet one of these for their personalities off screen, I have seen some on screen not acting, even if they act in dramas, a portion is still of themselves, I think some have interesting background and musical traits or other life events. I’d go with the flow and it could be interesting.


Wow you have some of my favorites on your list.

Kim. Check!
Jang Hyuk - yup, despite the Merchant…sigh. I hated Merchant. sorry. Loved Chuno though…and Shine.
Lee Jun Ki yeah.

Oh Ji Ho - YUP!

Still top of my crazyyyy list is Yoo Ah In. Can’t get past THAT guy. But yes, 4 more of yours, definitely :).

Simi has great men on her list… :slight_smile:

I shall put that on my list. And I may actually watch it, only because it IS well…Yoo AH In

I have only watched 2 modern Asian dramas of any kind…no movies…because my biggest interest is the costume/historical.

that being said, the only 2 modern dramas I’ve seen? boys over flowers…and…Yoo Ah In’s Secret Love Affair. whoa…and BOF was only to compare the D4 from S Scandal with the F 4. :slight_smile: Had to see what the reference was about. Broke my heart as Moon Jae Shin. Broke it even more as Crown Prince Sado.

He’s the only person who can make me watch a modern Asian drama. And get so I keep watching it.

But Six Flying Dragons, and The Throne…wow. Please keep making historical/costume dramas!


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Well. If we pretend that I speak Korean, my first choice is Yoo Ah In. He’s gorgeous, of course, but also he has ideas about acting, artistic freedom, and philosophy that are appealing, refreshing. I like his seeming truthfulness - and the truths he reveals inside his characters. It would be grand to have a personal tour of his Concrete Studio and to hear what’s on his mind. I’ve seen most everything he’s done as an actor, but the part that feels most close to my heart is in “Secret Love Affair.” If not Yoo Ah In, I’d choose Park Yuchun because he’s brought me joy through his characters - and I’d like to say that I’ve believed in him even before he was shown to be innocent. Third: Jang Hyuk, because I’d love to see his flashing eyes and hear him talk. I would have wanted him as a father (from “Fated to Love You”). And, not least, Kim Jaejoong because he’s a pleasure in “Triangle” – vulnerable, lovely, kind, and, in the drama and life, smart and strong.

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Have you Yoo seenAh in Jang Ok Jung lives in Love? that’s a saguk, I loved that one!

ok this is a trick question! I see these young actors and actresses as “family” love watching all of them, well what about the older ones?? I’d like to meet the lady that plays the granny, the ceo in some of these shows, sorry at the moment can’t get her name, yes the older guys too.

the younger ones yes I would love to meet them talk to them, but would they even be interested in some older to meet for one day. these young actors (healer guy, the crazy lady, kill me heal me kids, Jekel hyde & me, cinderella & four knights, all of them, and so many more, don’tthere is one that I really would like to meet and its silly but here goes, Roy Chiu, I think thats how to spell his name. so I go from the healer to office girls these top young men are some good actors, and I havent mentioned Lee min ho(is that right?) and there are more. Like I said a trick question!! so like I said to meet all of them, be it email or whatever. “my kids”

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I have a few since I can’t decide in different categories

Funny, energetic and adorable:

Yoon Si Yoon
Hong Ki
Choi Si Won
Kim Bum
Park Hyung Sik
Jung Kyung Ho

Romantic, handsome and caring
Jo In Sung
Ji Sung
Lee Byung Hyun
Kwon Sang Woo
Kim Young Kwang
Yoo Ah In
Park Seo Joon
Hyun Bin
Joo Sang Wook

Wang Kai
Wallace Huo
Zhang Ruo Yun

Aaron Yan
Danson Tang

Ha Ji Won
Shin Min Ah
Park Bo Young
Fuji Mina (Japanese)

erinbussert_740, you got a good bunch, I could add a few more too but I am not.

Lol, impossible to choose XD but seo in guk, omg

rochis86 you are so right!, impossible to choose.1. the older guy in bad boys he also played in city hunter or the older actress the one in protect the boss, as for the younger ones again hard to choose hyde,jekle & me guy, then the guy in heal me kill me, main character, well went over the limit!