I'm new in Viki Discussions

Hey there fellow viki users/watchers,

I’m watching series/dramas for a long time now, but I’m in a fase where I like to chat with somebody about the dramas/series. But I’m very new in the Viki Discussions section ><. Are you currently in the same fase? Reply or message me.

Hi there :slight_smile:

Try to read and browse a lot of threads in here and you’ll find dedicated discussions for many things - dramas, music, books and, last but not the least, volunteering.



 Me too. Sometimes would like to talk about a drama that I enjoyed. People around me don't watch Chinese or Korean productions.


very new here!

But I am watching many series on Viki!

Hi there,
Which dramas are you watching?


Which are you watching?

@hai_xia_ling checkout this link where people post what they are currently watching.

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Hi there,
Which dramas are you watching?

at the moment I am watching Meteor Garden, which is very a long series, but I continue to prefer the other version of this series elder: “Boys Over Flowers (Japan)”.

Meteor Garden Taiwanese or the mainland Chinese version?
And yes, I also agree, the Japanese or the Korean version are much shorter.

Do you have a preference in genre when watching drama?

Yeah thanks, I already checked it out. There’s a lot to go through.
I just finished My Amazing Boyfriend 1 & 2 and King The Land on Netfl.

I’m watching the Chinese drama The princess and the Werewolf and just finished a few. And you, what are you currently watching?

meteor garden I think Chinese version.

mmh I think I watch more romantic series lgbt e not.

Now I have started also My Lovely Liar, but I need to wait for subtitles…uff.

I’m trying to watch Chinese version Meteor Garden. In which region do you live? Because in my region I can’t watch Meteor Garden on viki.

Ah sorry, I have watched that on another platform on Viki is not present…