In Taipei and Some thoughts about BL dramas

First thing, crossing the street is really safe. Drivers are very considerate of people crossing and people cross the street take it for granted that they are safe.

I don’t know where dramatic element of someone dying or getting injured in a street crossing comes from.

Two, Most of the buildings, including large office buildings look run down or aged. I think it is because it is humid and warm so mold can grow, the motorcycles generating soot, and perhaps aerosol salt from the nearby ocean. The city looks like it is declining, though in reality it is doing well and booming.

Three. If you had the money you definitely would hire a driver. That is why the upper class members in BLs have drivers. Most Americans would not be able to drive in Taipei traffic. It is horrendous. Taiwanese drivers are fearless though. I had Uber drivers go up streets that I had thought were too narrow. The traffic issues tend to be missing from BLs.

Four: Taoist temples are working class people. That tends not to be mentioned or indicated in BLs. Upper and upper middle class Taiwanese are not involved. However, the people involved in Taoist temples are very friendly and if I had to live here I would pick one of them and help out.

Five: Taiwan is a Gay friendly place. Straight people line up to have their photos taken on the iconic Taipei cross walk Gay flag. The religions are not Christian and are mostly focused on self-improvement and personal issues.

Six: Buddhist temples have mostly middle and elderly women involved.

Seven. The Taoist temples are just amazing. Some of them make you feel that you have stepped out of time and space. They should be used in BLs. As of today I have taken 7,000 photos, mostly temples.

Eight: There doesn’t seem to be an issue of street crime. Also, there doesn’t seem to be an issue of theft. The way some stores are, they wouldn’t last an hour in the United States.

I am not sure about the street crime shown in BLs is a reality.

Nine: Taiwan is a global major power in technology. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TSMC) is here and is the global leader in semiconductor technology. No. 1. American Semiconductor firms are no. 2.

I was visiting a temple and was in front of the PC computer company campus and headquarters. It was really impressive. BL needs to recognize that Taiwan is a global technological world power. Yes they have traditional elements, but they are also major in technooogy.

Ten: We really should understand that the subtitles is how we access Taiwan BL. Few people speak English and not much. They do watch Western movies, but they are using Chinese subtitles.

Eleven: Taiwanese food is bland. I can see why it isn’t an element in stories. I have located the Thai, Korean, and Szechuan restaurants in the neighborhood. Desserts are good though.


Thanks for your rl shares! I felt your real experience. I had come to a similar conclusion on Taiwanese food, this, from watching different Vlogs of foodie travelers. No matter how the different foodies tried to highlight the food, the vibes was flat, none of that knee jerk reaction of, I need to go to Taiwan for their food! :sweat_smile:
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