Inactive CM or moderators + re-opening an old project

Hello Vikiers! :grin: I have two questions to ask you…

First, I wanted to be moderator on an old project (there is actually no mod for my mother language and a big editing is needed), I send a PM to the channel manager but it seems she is inactive since 4 to 7 months, I received no answer and still, the project is not fully available to the viewers, so I wanted to know what to do.
I started to build an editing team but I’ll not be able to close the episodes when finished so anyone can ruin the whole work done by a lot of subtitlers beforehand. I feel really powerless towards that. :expressionless:
What do you think I should do?

Secondly, I recently watched an old drama on Viki and the subtitles were really awful, both in english and in my mother language, the typo too was horrible. I had in mind to open a new edition of this drama, to bring better sutitles to the viewers because it’s really uneasy to watch it haha. But I don’t know how to do that.
Who do I have to ask? And what if the cm and the language mods are inactive since it’s a drama from 2011?

Thanks in advance for your answers,


Contact Viki to be added as moderator. They will ask you if you contacted the moderator (if there is one in your language) or a CM. Take a screenshot of your message to the CM & Moderator that clearly shows when you sent it. If it is about a month and no answer, they can add you. Good luck.


Ow that was fast! Thank you :smile:

I didn’t want to make a new discussion post, so I will just post here.

I was checking out the new project finder just to see the new changes, and I found an episode from a drama that I worked on months ago. I checked to see if the remaining episodes of that drama had the subtitles of the language I translate to, and they didn’t. Should I contact the moderator and bring that to her attention? I don’t want to be pushy, since I’m sure she has her own life and problems to deal with.

If she has so many problems that she hasn’t touched her project for months, then she should say so, and ask for another moderator to help finish the drama. Having problems is human and understandable, but she shouldn’t just abandon everything without a word. Unless she’s dead or in a coma.
First of all, has the English team released all the episodes? Because if they haven’t been released, obviously the other languages can’t start translating, as you know.
If this is not the case, do snoop around a little on her profile to see

  1. Has she been active recently on other projects? If yes, she has no particular problem, she’s just a lazy hoarder.
  2. Does she have other half-finished projects from a long time ago? If yes, she’s a lazy hoarder.

After getting all this info, do write to her, politely, and ask her if she’s still here, and what has happened to the drama. See what she replies. If she doesn’t reply, maybe it’s the time to report her to Viki.


Thank you irmar! I just checked, and all of the episodes have been released for other languages. I also checked her profile and she is still active. I guess maybe she got caught up with other projects. I’ll ask her about the drama.

I was just spending my good Sunday watching other people work. It just suddenly came to me to have a look at fellow Hindi contributors. I was so surprised to see that there are only 80 shows that have Hindi translations and out of them only a handful, literally a handful, are COMPLETELY FINISHED. I had a closer look and realized there are not much people who work for Hindi on Viki and except 2-3 volunteers, all of them are hoarders and both the conditions mentioned above applied. Some didn’t even had a fair gap of at least one week between their current, on-air and coming soon projects. I wrote to the CMs but, what to do, some CMs are inactive as well :woman_shrugging: