Inappropriate use of vulgar words

Does Viki even determine those ratings? :thinking: I think they are standard, but they do differ from country to country.


Since RaktenViki buys the dramas/Movie License and with that Copyright privilege (limitations do apply) when it comes to rating is definitely up to them RVIKI what rating they give the drama/movie.

I personally feel that RVIKI miss a lot when it comes to rating since I watched a movie here that to me was PORNO in nature and it was at first rated R17, but after many written complains from us (in the comment section), it was raised to R19, but here at RVIKI I know they can be as young as 12 years old, and nothing will stop them from watching if they want to.

Interesting fact I found USA

Motion Picture Ratings | The First Amendment Encyclopedia

The ratings system is voluntary, and there is no legal requirement that filmmakers submit their films for rating.

South Korea rating system varies and it has many flaws when it comes to age appropriate of kids watching K dramas (in my personal opinion).

Korea Media Rating Board | Rating System Wiki - Fandom


I guess my own assumption is that there is some kind of industry ‘standard’ that converts ratings in target countries based on the rating in the home country. That seems logical, but it’s just speculation. If that’s the case, Viki wouldn’t directly have anything to do with it. It’s all just curiosity on my part, though.


Ah, regarding gae sekki, I found something that is gold!
While You Were Sleeping episode 16 @33:22
Here we have an ajumma who habitually peppers her speech with English expressions. In this case, she translates the Korean literally in English, with comic results. Therefore you can see that the translation of what she had in mind (gae sekki) is “Dog baby”.


Puppy!!! :joy:


PG13, and Viki allows the use of profanity!? :triumph: To make it even worst, these are Historical, Costume, & Period Dramas! :face_with_monocle::unamused::confused:

If you’re going to interpret into English, understand first what’s acceptable!

The offense to the audience, can be corrected with asterisk use, or the use of dashes. Providing the interpretation of the original language is correct.

It’s been less than a month, I posted about Divine Destiny. This time it’s Word of Honor.
Various profanities is found in multiple episodes in both dramas!

Unacceptable! At time stamp 10:40, and 32:36, episode 15.

Unacceptable! At time stamp 13:57, episode 14.

Unacceptable! At time stamp 5:09, episode 6.

Unacceptable! Time stamp 14:00 - 15:00, episode 1.


In Word of Honor, the profanity is prolific.

Part II

Unacceptable! At time stamp 17:32, episode 18.

Unacceptable! At time stamp 6:28-29, episode 21.

Unacceptable! At time stamp 14:26, episode 25.

Unacceptable! At time stamp 15:25, & 16:36, episode 26.

Unacceptable! At time stamp 35:28-31, episode 32.

Part I


These are shows that Viki proudly brings pre-subbed and TEd :person_shrugging:, and then claims it does not need editing.


word of honor

The jokes write themselves.


All what you posted is using American vulgar slang… would a machine indeed use this style? It looks it’s translated by human who knows only this type of style… without consideration it’s a historical show, back then this type of wording didn’t even exist…
The ugly side of presubbed shows :astonished: :cold_sweat:
@vikicommunity @brendas
Isn’t Viki staff aware of this?? The Rating and language don’t match.

I have curently a modern KMovie that is rated R because of the bad language.


Is the translator the grandson of Gordon Ramsey?



PG-13, Time Stamp 9:33. The very first episode of Spy, a 2015 K-drama. Not funny. :thinking::face_with_monocle:

V-V-Team: The Undercover Team


I think that one was okay within context.

That friend worked at the security base before.

He used to work in the press team for the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

All the operations he’s been in, most of them, not most, but all of them were successful. He’s an elite agent.

After a well spent career, he finally ■■■■■■ up.

But why did they not ■■■■ [end] him?

If he has the risk of being eliminated, the word seems appropriate.

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Watching that portion of episode 1 on Ko Co Wa (KCW), dialogue is very different.

at 9:17 “He used to work at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.” KCW

at 9:17 “That friend worked at the security base before.” Viki

at 9:33 “So he ruined all his great achievements in the end.” KCW


Isn’t that a gasp? Do you have their subs for that line?


Yep. I have a subscription for KCW. I’m working on it and will post in a bit Leerla.

I watched this drama when it was first released and there was no use of the F word. I would be interested to see how KBS World translated that statement at 9:33 but the drama is no longer available on their YT channel.

This program ran at 21:50 KST on Fridays in 2015.


Such a pity.


Certainly is.

My screen capture didn’t save the image, sorry.
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