Incomplete translations?

Hi friends,

Pls, many episodes are incomplete and many Chinese series never finish be translated into spanish. How is this possible? It seems there is no control nor is seriousness. As a user Premium, I am very disappointed at how those translations are taking place. Many series of a few years ago have been left untranslated. I think it would be reasonable finishing first what was started. Pls, when do you guys think to finish be translate “God of War, Zhao Yun (2016)”?


Here. This thread started about a Korean drama, but the replies are good for dramas from all countries.
And, by the way, we volunteers provide subtitles for free to ALL viewers equally, either paying or not paying, either vikipass standard or premium, it makes no difference. If we like a show we subtitle it.
If you read more carefully the description of the standard and premium plans, you will notice that subtitles are not even mentioned there. Because it’s a free service provided by volunteers and viki has no control over it, it cannot oblige volunteers to work more quickly or to not abandon a project they don’t like. The only thing it can do is, if it’s a very popular show with not enough volunteers, to send one of their staff to help.


Again, I’m learning about what goes on behind the scenes that I did not know before.

Bottom line, it’s tricky. I understand that, at its most basic, a subscription means only that a viewer does not have to sit through ads when watching shows.

However, paying for something does additionally suggest (rightly or wrongly) that a subscribing viewer will get something more than non-subscribing viewers get.

Now with “standard” and “premium” subscriptions, I think the suggestion is even stronger that, if you pay more, you get more.

I’d say 95 percent of the time, as I’ve watched stuff on Viki, subbing on everything (C-dramas, K-dramas, J-dramas, T-dramas, whatever) has been very, very good. (And I’m talking specifically English.)

And the speed with which things get done is amazing.

That’s why, when things don’t achieve that level of amazingness, it’s disconcerting.

I’m still not getting why the powers that be, whether paid or volunteer, don’t arrange things so that sufficient volunteer translators with sufficient language skills are confirmed as available and willing BEFORE a show is announced as a coming attraction and BEFORE episodes are put up on the website.

I guess I can understand it a little because there are “core shows” that the powers that be seem to concentrate their efforts on (because they have very high ratings or star a very popular celebrity and will bring in those viewers), and then there are fan channels.

Some fan channels have shows with English translations (again, English is my subtitle language of choice). Some do not. It’s pretty clear that, with fan channels, it is what it is.

But between the top-tier, everybody-wants-to-see-them kinds of shows and fan channels are lots of shows that are not WOW shows necessarily, but they are good and have good actors and are worth seeing–and subbing.

And it just seems to me that the powers that be would want a little more overall consistency for the sake of “brand reputation.”

As they say, just my two cents’ worth; your mileage may vary.

That’s too vague. Don’t rely on perceptions. Yes, it is true that paying viewers at viki get more things. But beyond the generic names, one should always read carefully what is offered, to see if it is worthy for YOU. What one person finds sufficient and fair may not be sufficient for someone else.
Here at viki it’s plainly stated for everybody to see, what the two passes offer. I made a screenshot. It’s not only ads. It’s HD and also watching shows before everybody else. For non-paying viewers, current shows are unlocked after two weeks, if I remember correctly.