[Info, maintenance] From Viki website


1. ‘Continue Watching’ delay

Due to an increase in viewer activity recently, please note that there will be slight delay of about 15mins before your watched activity is updated. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Source: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us

2. New version Viki app on Android + stability



Thanks for letting us know. It’s not a very big deal, but it might have confused us, so it’s good we know. :slight_smile:


Probably more being done at the backend.
Is anyone having difficulty using Chromecast with iOS Viki app?

I’ve been trying to cast like I used to. But since yesterday, all of it, and all of today, I couldn’t. I tried rebooting my iphone and even uninstalled and reinstalled the Viki app. I just can’t see the ‘casting square’. I could cast with YT though. So I guess that means it’s not the internet signal or the Chromecast gadget, perhaps?

Anyone had this problem and managed to resolve it? Please share. Thanks in advance.

Found this and tried all the steps laid out. Still can’t cast. I’ll just wait it out. :frowning:

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Have you tried with Viki on your browser version on phone (computer version on mobile phone)?

I don’t have casting anymore so I can’t check if casting works for my side or give you any tips.
But I have the casting logo that is black (=not available which is normal in my case), and not white/grey on Viki web browser version on phone (Google chrome computer version on phone).


It’s no longer possible to get on Viki.com via your mobile’s browser if you have its app downloaded. It always pushes you to use the app. Moreover, Google no longer support Chromecast on PCs. I usually cast to a large screen Samsung TV. I was trying to cast from Viki app via my iphone. But it just won’t ‘show’ up and so I can’t cast. :frowning:

I see. No worries. Thanks.

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I didn’t know that with the Viki app, we can’t access the browser version :fearful:
Are PM system and Disqus main page comments available on the Viki app?


Disqus, yes. PM, no.

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I have tried with an Iphone and indeed it puts me on the Viki app I’ve just downloaded if I click on the Viki first link (the main link) on Safari.

To go back, I clicked on the top left “Safari.”

On Safari, I tried clicking on the “Korean Drama” link just below (suggestions of links) and I have access to the web browser version through Safari and watch for ex A piece of your mind on Safari or sth else.
Edit: it’s not possible to see subtitles when it jumps to “watching mode” on Safari.


On top left of Safari, “aA” icon, we can switch between computer version and mobile version of the Viki website on Safari (the computer/mobile icon). We can have access to PM and admin page through Safari that way.


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Really? How dictatorial of them. Facebook, Youtube, all push their app but if you insist and you specifically ask for the desktop version, you can have it. On the Viki app I cannot communicate with my team and cannot see replies to my page posts. I will uninstall it. Not that I’ve been using it much, especially nowadays when we don’t go out a lot.


Thank you @piranna. Now that I ventured beyond and explored the icon aA (I thought that was for font or language option lol), you’re right! We CAN access the videos and watch them via the browser. Btw, subtitles are there. You have to activate the option for them to appear.

^^Click the “chat box icon” at the bottom right hand corner

^^Opt “auto rec” (default is “Off”)

^^Subtitles are shown :slight_smile:

But really, I don’t want to watch on such a small screen when I have 3 larger screens for better enjoyment - iPad, PC and large screen TV - not to mention the new video player (I love it!) that’s simply awesome and in HD that the bit of inconvenience due to some small kinks are bearable.

As for accessing PMs and admin mode, not on my cell. No, no.:sweat: Gosh, the iphone screen is way too small (I’m spoiled for choice, I know hehe). How could you do it? :clap: For me, it would take away the pleasure in contributing and turn it into torture. For RL work, there’s no option. For contributing, I would only do so, and only to check PMs, when there’s no other option.


No, no. I was wrong. Thanks to @piranna, I ventured further and found I could still access it via the browser. But I must add that ‘the push’ for using its app is too annoyingly much if you don’t use it. I guess more would just opt for the app, which really is better than via the browser.

Btw, @piranna, I managed to solve the Chromecast issue. It’s back in operation for me. YAY!


Anyone seen this? That small “Viki” next to the numbers of comments?



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Like for the info, question mark for the issue. Can someone explain HOW exactly is this useful for us…?..

Yaaayyy! Finally!
Does Chromecast work on Iphone web browser Safari version? You know on the screenshots you took, the icon next to the chatbox icon (at the right bottom).

It depends on life and time! :slight_smile:
I spend most of my time at work so I often use my phone to admin or reply to PM because I don’t have my personal computer with me xd
And I’m impatient.
And when managing on-air, some things couldn’t wait.

Here the PM look like that on my phone (it’s Google Chrome on Samsung)



It’s like texting on phone but the messages appear a lot bigger!

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Oh, maybe they’re planning on integrating the new messages to the app in the future. That would be nice.

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It doesn’t seem to register Chromecast (no icon) even though it is activated. So I guess the push is for casting only via the app.

That looks nice. Easier on the eyes :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing. It will be my go-to when I have no other option. :hugs:

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I think so, too. The push to use the app is real. I don’t see why not. It’s an awesome app.:+1:

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Thanks for checking it! I couldn’t have done it myself without a chromecasting device!

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Hi there!
(It’s not your original post, forget about what I wrote before) But it would still be easier on us other volunteers, if you had made an individual post, this is only a suggestion though. This post was originally about a general problem of communicating maintenance issues to users.

If you run into troubles with Viki first check
If there is none, like this time it would help if you could provide any kind of screenshot to make aware of the problem
and at least to offer what device you use, OS, browser version.

With all this you can @ a fellow Viki staffer here, so she/he will be aware of the problem. Normally we have to submit a request, but I understand you wanting to know if anyone else is having the same issue.

Right, got it! I’ve taken your suggestion in action. Thanks!

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