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In case you missed out on this information


Lucky me I have no segging projects on September 14… Must be a pain to seg on that day.

Danke für die Info!

I watch on Amazon 4k stick, Receive Netflix and Amazon Prime in full UHD with no problems but the streaming quality of VIKI has dropped from HD to SD. This happened after updating app a few days ago. ive tried uninstalling and installing again but no good. Its totally ruining my watching. I live in Leicester , UK and its not worth paying for it anymore.

Sorry, Robin! This is not the right topic here.
Anyway best way for these issues is using

help center either openly at the community page or privately by sending a request, you can open it via the link too at the top right.

If you want to let Viki know while watching a video you can look at the video setting as well there is a way to give video feedback.

Don’t forget to give them some facts about the device, app, browser or whatever way you use Viki. Hopefully you will still be able to enjoy Viki in the future.

Another maintenance popped up on my editor:

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Yes, that’s 9 am our time and it’s supposed to last only 15-30 minutes.

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Upcoming maintenance



Keep in mind it is about billing and account services


Scheduled Downtime: July 17 at 1 AM - July 18 at 12 PM
During this time, select services including subscription and rental purchases will not be available. Learn more
Must be California time… PDT

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Actually, I think it shows the local time for each user because mine tells me it’s from July 16 at 10 p.m. to July 18 at 9 a.m., and I am on Pacific Time (west coast USA).

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Dans le cadre de la maintenance de la plateforme VIKI

Pour les vidéos Allez-vous remettre la possibilité durant un visionnage d’un episode la fonction de revenir après une actualisation de la page video sur le moment où on en était avant la dite actualisation.

par ex un episode de 70mn en avoir visionné 47mn et pour X raison on doit actualiser la page et Actuellement maintenant depuis ca remet à 00 mn alors qu’avant en actualisant ca revenait à 47mn

Par avance merci si ça pouvait redevenir possible de retrouver cette fonction sur Viki

Good evening,

As part of the maintenance of the VIKI platform

For the videos, are you going to make it possible to go back to the point where you were before refreshing the video page after viewing an episode?

e.g.: an episode is 70 minutes long, you’ve watched 47 minutes and for some reason you have to refresh the page. Now you can go back to 00 minutes, whereas before you had to refresh the page to go back to 47 minutes.

Thank you in advance if this function can be restored on Viki.

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I know there was some maintenance recently, but I want you to be aware there are still some issues. I am on a laptop with Windows 11 Pro. Sometimes when the commercials come up, the episode is still playing underneath. I typically just scroll back to where it was so this isn’t huge. It just exists.
Also, and probably a little more of an issue, is that subtitles turn off from one episode to the next and after commercials. It is showing that they are still on, but they are not showing up on the screen. I typically turn them off and then right back on and they will come on, but in the latest episode I’ve been watching (it says 100% English), I cannot get them to come on at all. Please let me know if there is some other workaround.
And lastly, sometimes a video will start, commercials will come on, and then right after it will say that the player is not supported (or something to that effect) even though I’ve been watching without issue before.
Thank you in advance and thank you for all of your hard work.

@cairns @angelacross_366

If you post your technical problems here, it is no more than an ex-change with other viewers/contributors at Viki.
You want some help from Viki to get ridd of your problem, then write a request at Viki help center.
I wish you good luck, do not forget to give Viki information they are mentioning in the requestform, if it is about a certain episode provide the link for them. You might need a bit of patience sometimes it can take a while longer.