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In case you missed out on this information


Lucky me I have no segging projects on September 14… Must be a pain to seg on that day.

Danke für die Info!

I watch on Amazon 4k stick, Receive Netflix and Amazon Prime in full UHD with no problems but the streaming quality of VIKI has dropped from HD to SD. This happened after updating app a few days ago. ive tried uninstalling and installing again but no good. Its totally ruining my watching. I live in Leicester , UK and its not worth paying for it anymore.

Sorry, Robin! This is not the right topic here.
Anyway best way for these issues is using

help center either openly at the community page or privately by sending a request, you can open it via the link too at the top right.

If you want to let Viki know while watching a video you can look at the video setting as well there is a way to give video feedback.

Don’t forget to give them some facts about the device, app, browser or whatever way you use Viki. Hopefully you will still be able to enjoy Viki in the future.

Another maintenance popped up on my editor:

Yes, that’s 9 am our time and it’s supposed to last only 15-30 minutes.

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Upcoming maintenance