Inspiring Generation

I’m looking forward this drama. It has a very new kind of plot & the cast is very talented . I think this drama is gonna be one of the greatest dramas in 2014


I’m curious to see what it’s all about. I liked KHJ in rom-coms and I’m very excited about seeing him in action/drama. I wonder if it’ll be like watching LMH in city hunter since I first saw him in BOF. Isn’t it funny that k-drama fans talk in acronyms. I’ve been watching drama forever and I still think it’d be funny to hear someone talk in letters in a restaurant at the table next to me. xD


I really liked the first two episodes, I think it’s part because the casting in the younger cast is very good. I’ve been impressed by Kwak Dong Yeon playing young Jung Tae.

I hope the momentum will be kept when the older cast comes into play.

I likeed the first 2 episodes already but i don’t want that drama to be full of sadness and fighting and tears. And i have the impression that it will continue like that. And I don’t want a bad ending but it’s very suspicious.
So i am confused if i should continue or not

From what I’ve read somewhere, it’s a mellow one, so you might want to be prepared. KHJ chose this drama to get rid off his Flower Boy image, they said.

I think I will wait till the drama ends haha
Oh and changing his image is very successful even after just 2 Episodes

I really liked KHJ’s previous image though : (
Now with his new haircut, abs and style he’s so much different… i don’t know i guess i will wait till the drama ends and hear the review to see if i will watch it or not…

Guys, can we talk about these last two episodes (5&6) and how Awesome they were (well at least in my opinion)?

Finally these two babes made their entrance

and what can I say: I love JAE RIM’s caracter already so deadly but charismatic. I love Jae Wook’s caracter too the sweet but very cunning. I wish Ok ryeon would just be with him already and leave the friendzone with jung tae.

Awesome fight scene (I love them in general) especially with Gaya’s clan.

What did you like and didn’t like in this week’s episodes?

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The drama is AWESOME!
I am really enjoying. I didn’t expected much when it was just a poster up there… It’s one of the most amazing drama in this moment.

Loving the Drama Inspiring generation. I’m up to Ep 8, and I’m so sad to see some of my favorite characters die… but it moves the storyline to another chapter… and even though I read all the info and have somewhat of an Idea what is going to happen in the next scene… I don’t have a clue what emotions are going to come out. I love the Humor that the writers have put into almost every episode… the COKE!!! , and in EP 1 when she put the makeup on in a hurry!.. I have cried and I’ve laughed out loud during this show. I like a variety of types of drama’s… I love comedy, and some sad stuff (but I hate sad endings where the guy or girl dies in the End) and I like fighting scenes (two of my fav drama/movies are “Ninja assassin”, and “Man from Nowhere”), so it’s no wonder that I’ve been loving this show, since it has had all the qualities I Like… but I do worry about the ending??? I’m rooting for the sweet girl couple, but the cute guys abound, so only time will tell, Gaya I think is just too Ill fated to be with him. I like it when he smiles, and it’s only with the sweet girl. Is it keeping your interest as it is mine?

I totally agree… exceeded my expectations… it’s the little things like the Dirt on the clothes, and the real feeling of the set, so that I feel like they really are back in time. I loved “Bridal Mask”, but the clean clothes and streets always annoyed me. this show is realistic in everything, even when he gets beat up and loses a fight sometimes.

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Sorry… but even though I think the actress and character of Gaya is fascinating… I’m hoping Jung tae ends up with Ok Ryoen… she’s the one who really loves him, and he only smiles when he’s with her. With Gaya it’s more about guilt that his father killed her father. She was his first fling… but it was on her side… Yes, she loves him, but I don’t think he really loves her. Who would he die for? I think it’s Ok Ryeon. Who would he sacrifice for? again, I think it’s Ok ryeon. OK… I know… he was willing to die for Gaya when he was young and they had just found her father dead and the guy wanted to kill him, but that’s again because he wants to protect her, and he feels that his father has caused the pain that she has. Yes… I think the Jae Wook’s character is great… and he will truly love Ok Ryoen, but I don’t think she will truly ever love him the same way she loves Jung tae, and in the end he will realize that and either give her up on his own, or give her up as a sacrifice… OH… Man… it’s sure a great ride no matter what.

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I HATED the flower boy thing… first of all it was just a roll he played on BBF, and during the SS501 Idol days he was forced to behave and dress in costumes that played to that Image by the Industry, but as SS501 had more autonomy you could see him breaking out of that, and any solo song done during SS501 performances were very sexy and Powerful, nothing flowery at all. First solo “Breakdown” was more like his true nature. He can do any style of singing or acting role if he’s given the chance, and in all conversations and Interviews he’s never been a “flower boy”, so I always felt sorry for him to have to be labeled that way. So I’m so happy to see this drama… wish we’d had a chance to see “City Conquest”, but I think the music for that is coming out soon. I know a lot of folks like the flower boy Image… and I’m not criticizing. just disagreeing.

I feel your pain… I HATE sad endings… and I usually wait to the drama is finished to get an Idea if I should watch it, but with this one I can’t resist. I’ve even stopped watching “Star” drama until the end in the next couple weeks then I’ll watch the last 5 episodes all at once, but I go to bed dreaming about what’s going to happen to him… and I’m truly enjoying the show in so many ways. The older cast meshed perfectly with the great kid actors who did such a good job of setting the stage. It’s up to you of course… I’m having a heart attack each week, and who really needs that right.

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forget BOF, think “Man from nowhere”, or “ninja assassin”, mixed in with a little bit of “the Godfather, part 1 2 3 and 4”.

I also didn’t like his Flower Boy Image … Same with Lee Min Ho that’s why I am happy that both have the chance to leave that behind.
I mean this

Is so much better than this

But it’s my opinion , I am sure there are other ppl who don’t think like this

Yeahh i will wait a little bit haha
and then we’ll see how much you guys like the ending , so that I can watch it too

Time is changing and styles as well. KHY always was a cool guy in my opinion. BOF was back then, a different style and characters were from a manga story.
Ah, just remember how excited I was watching Star in my heart in 2009 with that old style from the '90 and never ever thought about to drop it because the old fashionated look. Ah, some Korean drama are very addictive and not because the looks, but the acting.

I’m really enjoying the drama, but there’s a tiny thing that bothers me. Somehow I have the impression that almost every episode Jung Tae is beaten up (and it is most of the time life-threatening) and someone comes to his rescue (or nurses him). I know that he has a hard life, but the pattern seems so repetetive to me. I wish that this changes a bit. Nevertheless I really like the show and always look forward for each episode (even though I dislike the repetition I have to admit, that it succeeds in making me craving to see what will happen to this poor guy).
Edit: I like his character and I understand his behaviour. I just think, that the writers could do a little bit better in this aspect.

I don’t like seeing him get beat up… but think about it this way… when he does get beat up… usually it’s because he goes in to rescue, or save someone, or protect someone or something he loves. So… I think he knows he’s outnumbered, but the risk is worth it, otherwise he’d just walk away from most of the fights. Also… when he’s ganged up on by many fighters, they intend to Kill him, so it’s a miracle that he even survives, and a credit to the man he is that others are willing to risk themselves to save him. Also… just a thought about the character a little bit… I wondered after we found out how he felt so self loathing and guilty about his sister… maybe there’s a part of him that thinks he deserves to be killed? so he doesn’t fear it when it comes.