Introduce yourself :)

Usa, Raleigh,NC,

Hello, my name is Celine and I have been watching kdramas on Viki for a few years now. I started subtitling kdramas very recently and think it’s very fun. I’ve started to participate more and more in the viki community and I’m right now thinking of making some friends here :smile:
Message me on Viki if you also want to start making friends on this community, just like me!


Hello, I am new here. I searched the eng sub of Age of Youth drama but I couldnt find it. Could someone please translate that drama to English? Thanks

this drama is airing tonight in Korea, as soon as episodes will be uploaded viki team will work on it; not sure if it’s licensed yet, you may fill out the license request, the link is on the coverpage, perhaps you can also comment on the main channel page rather than in “introduce yourself” topic… and since you are here, won’t you introduce yourself? - Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I was actually thinking of watching kdramas with Korean subtitles.

I’ve been reading webtoons lately, and since they’re written in more informal/colloquial language that’s often used in kpop songs, I can understand a bit.

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Thanks for that. I don’t think I’ll rewatch Beautiful Mind with Korean subs though. I had a hard enough time keeping up with the medical terms in English >.<

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I picked up a book on Arabic verb tenses yesterday (I’m an Arab but I’ve lived in Canada for most of my short live) and I remembered this comment ^~^ It’s really sad how many people forget how to speak their native language (or never learn it!) because they were raised abroad.

I speak Arabic pretty well, but written Arabic (aka MSA or Modern Standard Arabic) is so much more formal than a dialect and is also more complex. Not to mention the difference in terms of vocabulary. (But I’m making it a mission to never forget Arabic because it’s one of the hardest languages for a native English speaker to learn and Arabic literature & poetry are always on point!)

…And I’ve rambled again xD

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Hi Celine,

I’m Sara and I’ve also been a member of Viki for a few years but only started subbing and becoming more active recently. I really love the welcoming, family-like atmosphere in Viki. Everyone (at least, everyone that matters) is always so supportive ^~^


Introduce first!

----------------------------------------------------So nervous-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello!I am Rye and I come from China and I live in Norway(but I am in China right now ).I wanna make some friends around the world.Also to find some partners to help each other.I am a little nervous because I find that some people are despise Chinese even hate them.I think it’s ridiculous.All right all right ,we join in VIKI for joy!So let’s make friends!If you come to Shanghai or Bergen I am gald to be a guide GRIN:D
**And because of my poor English,please correct my mistakes!**LOL
If you wanna make friends with me or just a chat,please put in comments your Facebook or your VIKI profile even QQ (If you use it).

Here is my facebook
my VIKI profile

:D Thx for reading:smile:!


Yeah, I feel the same. Everyone is really nice :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I’m Lijing, a viki newbee. I just got to know viki a few months ago. I’m Chinese, studying in London. I have been to Korea as an exchange student for a year. I can understand lots of Korean, but not in writing ways lol. My favorite Korean group is Bigbang (and my love is TOP!). I watch Korean dramas and TV shows a lot. And hope I could stick to fansubbing, don’t give up haha!


Hi Lijing! Welcome to Viki

We’re the opposite when it comes to Korean. I can understand a lot more when I read it but not when I hear it because they speak really fast :joy:

Honestly, once you get to know your team members, you won’t want to stop fan subbing.

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That is ridiculous. Don’t pay attention to those people, they’re not worth your time. People seem to be the same way with Muslims, so I know how you feel. The best thing you can do is show them that you’re happy and successful and that they don’t define you :blush:

Stay strong~




Hello, my name is Linda. I live in San Diego, Ca. 2 years ago I started watching Kdramas by accident. I would fall asleep watching Hulu and I would wake up to the Drama “Damo” from 2002. After this happened 3 times I figured somebody was trying to tell me something so I watched it, Became obsessed with Lee, Seo-jin. The rest is history. While watching everything he has been in, I’ve come to love other actors and actresses, the genre, the music. Unfortunately, none of my friends want to give it a try. I really enjoy the comments from other members. Most are right in line with what I thinking. So many make me LAUGH OUT LOUD.
Thanks everyone!


Hello everyone,my name is leo and I am from china,

Timed comments are one of my favorite features of the Viki website. It makes me feel as if I’m watching with a group of friends (except for when people decide to start fan wards. ugh)

Hello, everyone! I’m Jess and I’m from the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. I’ve had a free account with viki for a little while now and recently upgraded to Viki Pass so that I could watch “W” (there was no way I was waiting to see a new drama starring my bias Lee Jong Suk lol). I discovered kdramas and kpop about a year and a half ago when a close friend suggested that I watch a show that she was hooked on called “Heirs”. The rest is history. I also enjoy anime and manga. My favorite drama is “Healer” and I also enjoy “I Hear Your Voice”, “City Hunter”, “Pinocchio”, “My Love From Another Star”, “You’re Beautiful”, “White Christmas” and “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” to name a few.

It’s so nice to meet you all and I am excited to be active in the discussions.

I joined viki years ago, but I didn’t introduce myself till now. I used to use viki as a source to get information about specific dramas. My name is Sally, but I prefer to be called either Sal or Derpy. I can’t read Chinese, but I speak it. I am an asian-american child. I’m majoring in Business Management or General Business for a matter of fact, I’m also learning public speaking, because as a person, I’m an introvert. My first drama was a really old Cantonese show, I don’t really remember the name, since I was about 5 or 6 years old at that time, but the only thing I recall is that it’s a historical drama.

My favorite colors are all colors in the world, especially Black. I find it a very mysterious color. It could mean hell or could mean the opposite of darkness. I also do quality checking as a manga scanlation non-profit groupie, I really enjoy doing things that makes people smiles or have fun watching the shows, despite it may or may not be accurate. But you know, it’s worth something. I love photoshop. I like making things or watch people make things. I also enjoy PC gaming, not an average girl but I really enjoy games. Tactics, skills, level, monsters, train, and so on.

I come from a family of 5 which includes myself. I have a mother who speaks both Chinese languages, but is fluent in Mandarin more than Cantonese, she cannot speak English very well. So she has a very fob accent when she tries to speak English, it’s funny, but she knows that it’s a joke when I laugh at her. My mom has a broken spine, so she can barely reach/bend over. I have a father who speaks both Chinese languages, but is fluent in Cantonese more than Mandarin, same as my mother, he can barely speaks English but he knows a few Spanish. My parents came to America about 20+ years ago, way before I was born. I was supposed to have another brother before my older brother, but my mom had to do an abortion because she couldn’t enter the US with an unborn child. My father enter the US 4 months before my mother and her first child (older brother) did. He worked in construction fields and restaurant cooks. But since my mother at that time was pregnant, she couldn’t come to the US so my older brother went with our relatives. He was raised in their family for a long time even after my mother finally came into the US but sadly my unborn brother has to die. Airports back then cost a lot of money and there wasn’t as many airports as it is today, so instead of using airplanes, my parents, brother, and relatives road on boats/ships instead. I have a older brother, he did everything for the family from translation to bills to EVERYTHING. He’s fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as English. His major was Computer Technician, but he recently about a year ago, started studying again to pursue another dream. Because in Texas, we’re most known for a lot of Computer Technician or Artist, so he can’t really get a job since a ton of people work as that specific major. Then few years later, I was born. I was the only baby to last seen my grandpa from my dad side alive. But out of all the family members from both side, the only person that love me was my father, my older brother, and my dad’s younger sister. Everyone else gave me a bad luck feel, like I’ll bring bad luck to the family. As soon as I was born, I was diagnosed with Asthma. I couldn’t breath and when I try breath, I’ll faint. After my younger brother was born 2 years later, everyone was happy with joy that goodluck charm has emerged. Oh, before I continue, I do believe is spiritual things, so don’t call me crazy when I start to explain these situations. There’s this one situation where my family excluding my older brother had an major car accident. The backseat of the car had no seat belts, we had to use ropes. The car spinned, I flew out of my seat and almost crack my head open. I was bleeding really badly, I was told that I stopped breathing for about 10 minutes. Pretty much, I kind of died for 10 minutes, so hence the part of me being Bad Luck. My mother injured her right leg, my father injured his left arm, and while my younger brother wonderfully injured nothing. The accident was another drunk driver hit into our car, but it was on the side where my brother sat. Instead of the window going inwards by the impact force from the outside, it broke the other way, so there were no window-pane or any glass toward my brother. He was prefect fine, the only pain he had was a temporary sore/injured neck. It wasn’t major like needing a cast or anything; hence why he’s known for Good Luck.

You can pretty much till what happens afterwards with the good and bad luck between the my younger brother and I. So this all pretty much about me and my life. So, nice to meet you all, if I said something weird, this is the reason why.