Introduce yourself :)


Let’s get to know each other. Introduce yourself!

I can start :slight_smile:

My name is Mariko and I’m on the Community Team here at Viki. I’m half German half Japanese, live in San Francisco and love talking to the Viki community – an amazing group of passionate and interesting people! I’m currently hooked on the J-Drama Tragedy of W.


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Hi, mariko, my name is Nathalia, I’m colombian, but I live in the US and I have a beautiful 1 year old baby girl. over the years I started reading manga, then anime, then many j-dramas and now I’m hooked on K dramas. right now I’m watching “good doctor”, “two weeks”, “master sun” (my favorite), “who are you”, “just you”,“goddess of fire”… lol


Hello I’m Wafaa, kinda hard to spell for people who don’t speak Arabic I know.
I’m from the Middle-East, Lebanon, and I’m passionate about Taiwanese and Korean dramas and I also adore the Japanese amine, though I can’t find some of the best over here on viki which is too bad because the viki community is just great. I adore the taiwanese drama Autum’s concerto(which is not full on the new viki) and also the K-drama missing you/I miss you.


Hey everybody, my name’s Stephanie! I grew up in Los Angeles but now I live in San Francisco and work as part of Viki’s Community Team :slight_smile: I love languages and have been lucky to learn some Korean, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. I’ve been a K-Drama fan since 2005 and my favorites are Coffee Prince, My Girl, Queen Seondeok, and Bridal Mask.

Right now I’m watching Master’s Sun (so funny!) and Two Weeks (intense!). Nice to meet all of you, and feel free to send me a PM and say Hi!


@catchlight: Gosh, I’m jealous! I really want to learn korean, but I didn’t find good classes around here yet. I’m too lazy to learn by myself. LOL

Since I’m already here…

Hi! My name is Luciana, but you can call me Lulu or Luz. I live in Brazil and I love k-dramas the most, but I also read some manga and watch a couple of animes. My favorite drama is “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, by the way ^^


Korean is so easy trust me I’m learning it right now, and there are many applications that help you out to learn it if you’re lazy with audios and all you just have to have the will to listen that’s all give it a try, btw that drama was amazing.


Hi ^.~* I’m Bianca I speak English and Spanish as native languages both…and a little bit of Korean I’m self-learning actually and it’s going to keep on my future plans cuz next year I’ll begin Chinese course and after that hopefully I’ll begin a official Korean course too lol I loveee Korean dramas I’ve watched a good ones,
just begin to watch Taiwanese days ago making subtitles in Spanish of it and I love it too :slight_smile:
I want to keep making subtitles and be part of a team :wink:


lol yeah! I use apps on my phone too learn Korean too and watching Kdramas have helped me lol but keep learning in your way too while you take a course :slight_smile:


@bianca_lee_4: Which apps do you use?


That’s what I’m actually doing, apps help a lot with basics and viki helps me practice but i hope to find some courses over here:( btw I’ll also be learning chinese in uni next year :smiley: we can then help each other on a learn chinese topic;)


there are many depending on the type of phone/gadget you’re using.


I have a iPhone I use one that have the flag of Korea on a message bubble shape the background is like gray blue color and the app seems to be called Korean lol >_< @Luzevedo


@Luzevedo for iphones there is this great application called "istart korean " it’s just the best try it out, its full version is paid though.


It’s android 2.3.6. This version must be old, I guess. But I’ll buy an iPhone soon, so I’ll look for the app @bianca_lee_4 mentioned!


Yes lol I’ll begin next year Chinese courses cuz next year I’ll begin university too so I’ll take the Chinese course there cuz on my career to get graduate you have to learn a foreign language so I’m going to take Chinese cuz I’ll go to study to China after University so Chinese is a priority now :slight_smile:


I’ll try that ^^*


Btw I think the learn Chinese topic will be awesome :wink:


I’m new to android but korean builder seems to be fine to me, but for lazy people i would recommend istart korean if you have any apple gadget try it out.


I think so too, we’ll sure do it. chinese is great and it was my dream to go study/ live in china, what are you planning on studying there by the way?