Introduce yourself :)


besoin d’aide ya quelqu’un ?


Hello everyone, my name is Del.

I’ve only ever seen Playful Kiss here on the site and that was a long time ago. I recently finished Chuno on Amazon and actually came back here looking for help finding similar shows. Anyway I want to thank those of you who gave recommendations and I’m looking forward to diving in to what the site and community have to offer.

Glad to be here and meet you all!


@caenvs14_597 : vous êtes dans une section où les gens se présentent, pas où on pose des questions de ce genre. C’est pourquoi il n’y pas eu de réponse. En plus, peu de gens sont francophones et peuvent vous répondre.
Posez donc la question dans la partie en français, par exemple ici :
En ce qui concerne votre question, je n’en sais rien, je ne commente jamais, mais dans la partie francophone, peut-être que d’autre pourront vous aider.


Hi, my name is Mira I’m 24 years old I live in London.
I love watching k-drama’s, I’m big fan of Song Joong ki and one of favourite drama is Descendants of the sun. I’m also planing going to South Korea this summer. I love traveling to different country and learning different culture. :hugs:


A bit late but there’s a significant Korean community in Sao Paulo! The immigrant community runs clothing shops.


Hey homegirl!
Uh I learned to be literate by reading all the comic books in queens public library. I was 15 or so then. I spoke like… a 8 year old native Korean. Which is good, but not great. I was able to see the words I always heard and spoke. I was born into a Korean family in America.

If you don’t know where to start, I suggest learning the alphabet. Ajumma2 posted a link up there somewhere.

Other than that practice your poor Korean on Koreans and insist they use Korean on you too! It helps loads especially if they can offer you feedback. Subbing on Viki also helped me because I have to hear and understand every word. (but baby steps).

I think watching tv in Korean with Korean subs is helpful. Goodbye Mr. Black has Korean subtitles!
Hope this helps!


Hi, I’m lostblues and I’m from the US, and really got into k and j dramas about 3 yrs ago. I mostly like historical/period dramas, but lately I’ve watched Dr. Frost and Blood, which are both pretty interesting. Happy watching!


Watch Jackpot!!! I don’t know of any other “live” k or j historicals


Hi everyone, I’m “freefall” . I love languages and I love kdrama. My top 3 are without a doubt Signal, Misaeng and Six Flying Dragons. These 3 are amazing. I hope Signal will come on Viki soon.
Anyway nice to meet you all!


Watch Memory. It was beautiful


I’ll give Memory a try



I m Didier, a student in France, and I like kdrama with involves action, or spy scenes…
Nice to meet you all guys!


Hi! My name is Linda (IxchelsSong) and I am addicted to K-dramas. And I certainly don’t turn my nose up at other Asian dramas. I like to proofread and edit things. In fact, I can’t stop myself from doing so. Please be my enablers? :smile:


How do you do!!! My name is Nguyen. I come from Vietnam and it’s my pleasure to make friends with anyone here from many parts of the world. Speaking of Dramas, Korean films really have done a major influence to be during my childhood and my school life. It plays a role in building up my personality and characteristic as well. So that where I am here,able to access to the world of Korean dramas.


if you can edit doctors I will love you.


Usa, Raleigh,NC,


Hello, my name is Celine and I have been watching kdramas on Viki for a few years now. I started subtitling kdramas very recently and think it’s very fun. I’ve started to participate more and more in the viki community and I’m right now thinking of making some friends here :smile:
Message me on Viki if you also want to start making friends on this community, just like me!


Hello, I am new here. I searched the eng sub of Age of Youth drama but I couldnt find it. Could someone please translate that drama to English? Thanks


this drama is airing tonight in Korea, as soon as episodes will be uploaded viki team will work on it; not sure if it’s licensed yet, you may fill out the license request, the link is on the coverpage, perhaps you can also comment on the main channel page rather than in “introduce yourself” topic… and since you are here, won’t you introduce yourself? - Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I was actually thinking of watching kdramas with Korean subtitles.

I’ve been reading webtoons lately, and since they’re written in more informal/colloquial language that’s often used in kpop songs, I can understand a bit.