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Looking for a drama I was watching last night but don’t know the title. Can someone help? Episode 1 starts with a woman crying in an airplane and the man sitting across her gives her some tissues. Then in the next seen, she enters her friends apartment, to find candles lit and her friend in the bath tub (suicide). The next seen is at the hospital where she asks the doctor how her friend is doing. The next seen is her finding out the guy who caused her friend to do this. She goes to confront him at his office where he tells her that he really doesn’t know her friend. He says her friend never SMSed her, so she checks the phone. That is all I remember (cause I fell asleep – was very late at night). The drama was interesting but now I can’t find it. Can someone HELP!!! ? I think the girl is a lawyer and the guy is a president of the company.


Hello !

I’ve just discovered the viki community and I’m really eager to translate.
Usually, I don’t watch asian videos but my sister is a fan and she introduced me to “I remember you” and then I found that site.
I’m french and it has been a few years now that I watch english subtitled videos, and even sometimes not subtitled english videos. I have watched dramas but I rather watch romances of all kind.
I also read a lot (at the moment “Game of throne”) and I’ve been a big fan of “Hunger Games”. I also play video games and read mangas.

See you soon,


Hi Everyone, I’m Jennifer and currently just a viewer in the Viki Community. I’ve been trying to seek out Korean Subtitle Members to ask for some advice on learning Korean, if there are any here please message me! I’d also like to volunteer if I could once I learned. I really like the sound of the Korean language, Japanese as well. I am from the United States, more specifically New York. Nice to meet you all! :smile:


Hello! My name is Patricia. I am also half Japanese. My other half is American. I live in Washington state and I’m currently a senior in college. I have been obsessed with dramas since 2006. My first actual drama was a Japanese drama that I watched because my mom was obsessed with it called “Kamisama mou sukoshi dake.” My first kdrama was Full House. My sister is the one who got me into Korean dramas. She was in college and got addicted to dramas and recommended over and over that I watch Full House. I didn’t get what the big deal about Korean dramas was until I watched it and I also became addicted.

I have studied Japanese in school and also on my own. Through the influence of Korean dramas and Kpop I decided to learn how to read Korean on my own. Most of the Korean I know is from watching Korean dramas.


Hello,i’m elisa i am brazilian but i can speak english i love k-drama and k-pop nice to meet you


Anyone from toronto? I need more kdrama friends~


Hi my name is Dave I’m 34. I recently joined as a member to Viki. I am from Detroit Mi. I am a carpenter by trade. Figured I’d introduce myself here.


hi mariko, im safa (just read as you see it lol) im from the middle east, iraq, but i live in the US. Houston, TX to be specific (:smile:
im obsessed with korean, chinese, and taiwanese dramas. one of my faves is My love from the stars and the suspicious housekeeper (ill stop because my list could go on forever haha) im 14, a freshman in high school
my first Kdrama was boys over flowers
i self taught my self Korean, and kurdish
i am native speaker of arabic
and i learned english when i moved to the us and studying spanish now (in school)


I am a Dutch girl studying in Belgium. I love watching and subbing dramas on viki and to learn other languages. In uni I study German and Chinese, because I want to become a translator. Another hobby of me is postcrossing. It’s basicly sending postcards to other people. If you haven’t heard about it here’s a link or


Oh my gosh, I love My Love From Another Star, too!!!


Hi! I’m Amy, I’m an Australian living in Sydney, but originally from Hong Kong.
I’m fluent in English and Cantonese while I can also understand basic Mandarin.
I’m very much loving the Viki community, I’ve also found quite a joy in segmenting and subtitling. I hope to be able to continue to contribute more (someone please give me a project!! XD) and learn a few more languages along the way.

See you guys around (btw, where are all the Aussies??)


yay i live in newport news virginia too… i been watching kdramas since 2010


If you can not get it due to some regional restriction, install Tor in your computer


Hello, my name is Thy. It’s pronounced ‘tee’ or ‘tea’, so that’s why my username is ‘icedthy’…

I’m thirteen years old and almost fourteen. I currently know English & Vietnamese fluently, average Korean, and a bit of French.

In my near future, I want to go to nursing school. That’s my primary goal; I have a lot passion for what I want to be in the future. :sparkles:

I prefer to watch historical Korean dramas, for some reason. Dong Yi, The Moon Embracing the Sun, and Queen Seondeok are my favorites.


Love those drama too… :smile:


hello i want to learn korean why i like me the country and culture because is beatiful country


Hello guys. my name is muazma and i am from Pakistan. i live in UAE. i am a huuuuuggggggeeeee fan of Kpop and Kdramas, And i love learning about new cultures. Korea is one of my fav countries. My fav dramas are You from another star and Boys over flower, not that i do’nt love others but these two r just my most most most fav. :smile:


Hello everyone

I’m Ada and I only joined because i had a problem watching the Great Queen Seondeok. So I hoped someone could help me to continue since I am in chater 34… OTL. It says I can’t watch it in my country Spain, (wae??? ) I didn’t have this problem until now L.L
Btw! I didn’t know this was such a huge community ^^ .

Nice meeting you all !!


I’m a returning Korean-English translator. I used to be a QC at ViKi but had my account closed due to IRL responsibilities.

Anyone know why we can’t post new threads?


Slt jaimerais savoir si c’est normale que le film ou la serie se met sur pose quand ont commente ?