Introduce yourself :)


Hi eveyone!
My name is Gioia and I’m from Italy.
I’m a real newbie, as I watched my first Japanese comedy (Good Morning Call, thanks to Netflix… I didn’t know Viki existence yet) just a couple of weeks ago. I liked it so much that I started searching for Korean dramas too (always read and heard rave reviews about them but never watched them myself), luckily I found VIKI and… here I am! I watched Playful Kiss and am now about to end Fated to Love You, which by the way I’m really, REALLY loving. Jang Huyk and Jang Nara are simply amazing.:grin:


Ciao Gioia!
Are you interested in translating?
As for your next drama, if I can suggest one, please watch Secret Garden, My Love from Another star, Oh My Ghostess, Rooftop Prince, and if you are over 20, you will also like Pinocchio, It’s OK that’s love, Madame Antoine.

Un abbraccio



Grazie mille Irene!
Yes, I’m way over 20… 36, actually! :smiley: Hence, your suggestions for dramas a little bit more “adult” are very much welcome!
Sure, if I can help with translations from English to Italian I will be glad to do that in my spare time. :slight_smile:


I’m looking for your profile page here: but there is nothing.
Can you send me the link please?


Probably because I had yet to fill out my profile’s main info. Now it should work. :wink:


Hola!!! soy daniela, veo dramas desde el 2013 pero es la primera vez que entro a un foro
Soy de argentina, me gustaria hacer muchas amigas aqui


Yes! It works now.


Hi Gioia. Welcome to the k-drama world! In addition to what irmar has suggested, you may also want to check out Healer, Misaeng (Incomplete Life), Jewel in the Palace (a classic!) and W. Ah, there are so many great dramas! :blush:


Thank you, Ajumma2!
I’m pretty sure W is on my watchlist, but I’ll definitively check out the others you’re suggesting. :slight_smile:


You should definitely watch falling for innocence next. You’ll love Jung Kyung Ho! (It’s also on netflix as the title “Beating Again”)


Thanks chemelle_51! Unfortunately Falling for innocence is not available on Netflix in my country :frowning: Is it on Viki?
I was thinking about opening an actual thread where I ask for suggestions according to my tastes, do you think it would be ok?


Yes it is on viki. You can watch it here…
Also, if you want some other recommendations look at my collection here…
I mostly like romantic comedies, every once in awhile a good melodrama.


Thank you so much, Irene! :wink:


hi, I am Mary, live in Raleigh NC, been here on viki for a few years, really enjoy the shows. I will be 70 this friday, and enjoy meeting people. I like to learn new things, I like genealogy,crochet,reading,writing,sewing. Baking, gardening yes I mwould like people to email me as well.


Yes, and we report users who use viki discussions for promoting their business.

Update: Oh good. We got rid of the spammer.


Same for me. i can also understand some basic word like unni, dongseen, oppa, abba, amma, ajumma, imu, concenmeda, byanu etc. but its feel kind of sweet to your ears.
You can call me moon. I am earth science student and my age is in between 20 and 30. I am fluent in English and i would love to learn languages of Korean, Chinese and Japanese if i had a chace in future. I welcome you all.



Hello Mariko, I’m Alex and i’m from Philippines. i’ve always loved to watch korean drama with my friends but sometimes I feel disappointed because some websites like viki is unavailable in our country thus we can’t watch dramas like you guys. I have been wandering on viki for almost a day, trying to watch dramas I can understang but as time pass by, I continue to envy you guys (lol) because it’s not just korean dramas that I love to watch but also J-drama so if you guys can help me with my problem, please help me.


If most dramas are not licensed for your region, and you don’t have viki pass, the only other way is to become a Qualified Contributor.
If you know good English you could help translate dramas from English to Tagalog. If you don’t know good English, you can still segment. It will take you about 1-2 months if you are diligent, and you will acquire a skill which is highly valued here at Viki. Then, when you have completed 3000 segments (more or less 3 hourly episodes), you become a QC and you can watch 95% of all content present here.


Ehi, dove sei sparita? :worried:


Hi I’m CC from China. Now I am a post-gruaduate student majoring in English translation in Peking University in China. My thesis topic is about Chinese costume drama subtitle translating. I want to know how overseas volunteers translate our Chinese costume drama subtitles and when they face lines which are difficult to understand, how they try to solve problems. I also want to know how audience think of this translation. I really want to make friends with you and hope you can provide me with your ideas about Chinese dramas. Thanks a lot!!!

PS: I love Chinese dramas such as Chinese Paladins, the Legend of the Ancient Sword, the Journey of Flower, Boss & Me, Princess Weiyoung, the Legend of the White Snake,Startling by Each Step, Xuan-Yuan Sword, and so on. Hope to be friends with you.