Introduce yourself :)


Hi I’m CC from China. Now I am a post-gruaduate student majoring in English translation in Peking University in China. My thesis topic is about Chinese costume drama subtitle translating. I want to know how overseas volunteers translate our Chinese costume drama subtitles and when they face lines which are difficult to understand, how they try to solve problems. I also want to know how audience think of this translation. I really want to make friends with you and hope you can provide me with your ideas about Chinese dramas. Thanks a lot!!!

PS: I love Chinese dramas such as Chinese Paladins, the Legend of the Ancient Sword, the Journey of Flower, Boss & Me, Princess Weiyoung, the Legend of the White Snake,Startling by Each Step, Xuan-Yuan Sword, and so on. Hope to be friends with you.


Hi I am CC from China!!! It is so nice to meet you! I wonder how to add you as my friend and how to chat with people on this forum. Please help me. Thanks a lot. My Wechat ID is: chenchunbj


Well, I am fluent in English. Other than that, how do I become a QC?
By the way, thanks for responding. :slight_smile:


Well, first of all you should get acquainted with how the system works.

The most important thing to remember:
Before you start working on a show, let the Channel Manager or Language Moderator know that you’d like to help out
This means that if the show has a Channel Manager (the little thumbnail on the left of the show’s page, just below the title), then you have to ask for permission from the Tagalog moderator, if there is one, or the Channel Manager, if there is no Tagalog moderator. But it’s better to find a show that has one, so that she or he can be of help.
If the show has no Channel Manager, or if the Channel Manager is viki (blue icon), then you can enter and subtitle freely. But please read the subtitling guidelines here before starting:
It takes some getting used to, especially the expected formatting for italics, breaks etc. But a good tip is to just select and copy paste the English, and then only change/translate the English text into your language, keeping the formatting intact.

If you want to try your hand before joining a team, a tip is to search for older films - before 1970. Many of those have no Channel Manager or moderator.
On the blue band over viki pages, towards the left, you have menu item “Explore”. It’s a search engine, and you can search by year too, to find older stuff.


My name is Maeva and I’m french.
I am 22 years old and I started getting in the world of Asia at the age of 15 with the anime Vampire Knight.
So I jumped to the drama world one year later with Hana Yori Dango, for now I prefer Kdrama for the language but some Chinese drama have good plot too.
I’m a volunteer here since a few month but I love that being able to work with extraordinary people that also love drama.
I don’t have particular drama I prefer than other but I’m saving my husband Song Jong Ki :wink:


Hi Mariko… nice to meet u. Im NK…
btw, is there any FAQ page in here?

I saw some chatty comments on left-top video while im watching… how to do that??


Hi, Mariko, my name is Dubraska. Pronounced like Nebraska but with a Du in front. I live in Florida but my family is from Venezuela. I’ve been on Viki for 2 years now and I really love this community! If anyone would like to talk about anything at all just message me. I love talking to new people who have a great common interest. :blush:


As for FAQ page, I’m not exactly sure if we officially have one but the volunteers here are super warm and friendly, so go ahead and ask us any questions :smile:
As for the little comments, those are timed comments, which I love because it doesn’t make me feel alone. Haha you are totally free to post them as well!
Are you on your web or phone/app?


Hi everyone! I’m babyinspiritestar1 and I currently live in the Midwest of the US. Off of viki, I currently go to HS and volunteer at the animal shelter. Some of my favorite Kdramas are Bridal Mask, Age of Youth, D-Day, and Reply 1988. As for some of my favorite K-pop groups—IOI, DAY6, Monsta X, Btob, Twice.
Feel free to message me with any questions or if you just want to talk about anything random :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile:
My name is Birta and I’m from Iceland but live in Norway, I actually just registered onto this site half an hour ago. I’ve been hooked on japanee and korean movies since I saw my first japanese horror movie (dark water) when I was around 11. It scared me shitless x)
I speak 3 languages and understand a little in many others due to the fact that I watch way too much TV. I really like weird dramas and mysteries. One of my all time favourite is Faith (the great doctor)… it’s a guilty pleasure >.>
BTW I would really like it if somebody ever wanted to chat :wink:


love to chat


I’m Courtney, and am a student from the US. Overall I’m pretty new to kdramas and kpop but I want to learn more and make friends! I especially want to find shows with queer/feminist themes. :heart_eyes:


Hi Birta; to introduce myself; I am Mary Live in the USA, have 3 sons that are on their own, I am 70, love the dramas, sew, crochet, meet new people, do family tree also am a widow, have a cat & dog.


In my 7 day trial–six days in to it. Can’t seem to access any benefit. Still says movies are 7 or 14 days away. We have not watched anything using viki pass?


@jadecloud88 @moonandstars, littleangele @deadliftdiva_548, amypun @ryume_307 @jwindsong @yoonmi66 @choesook @ijustloveyou1 @lynnmayc

These are all Chi-Eng subtitlers I have encountered on viki. (deadliftdiva is actually a channel manager and editor same with choesook, an English editor). Ask them LOL.


interesting, I’ve never heard of anyone over 30 open to the possibility of watching shows from asia (except from my mum, I dragged her into it this :grin:)


yay, someone my age! Hello :grinning:


Really? Then you’ll be shocked at the number of ahjummas here!


so good to know we are unique! one of a kind! so older folks , how about sharing, show them who is the Ahjummas here!!


or even the grandmothers! There’s a lot!!! @irmar