Is anyone into ASMR?

“Mom, Adrian’s being weird again!” :crazy_face:

No, it’s nothing weird or gross. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and… Actually, I think it’s easier to just show it to you:


I know the ASMR community.
It’s not my thing per se, not grossed out by it either.
I do like cooking channels that focus on the cooking sounds instead of music / talking (although I like those too) :blush:.


Oh, that’s nice. I just can’t get into those. I’d be hungry all the time. :sweat_smile: :yum:


not my thing either but I like cooking/craft videos with the sound enhanced and the directions in the subs instead of the person talking

since i follow the variety show MMTG, they introduced this branch of ASMR entertainment. I found it rather pointless, but I guess some people enjoy it


Nino is especially known for his subs :rofl:


Hello, Fellow Nino Fans!! :joy::joy:
Nice to meet you.


I like those too, it’s weird… there is a Korean I think pastry chef, you never see the face but hear all the sounds and I’m not sure anymore if Jun’s cooking also and that Chinese lady in the mountains I think there you hear the sounds as well… The sounds are intriguing and relaxing at the same time… I cannot explain why, lol.

There are actually several Korean cooking/baking channels with ASMR, I’ve never paid attention to what that means :laughing: One sound I dislike in dramas is when they pour wine in a glass and it just makes similar sound like when you pee and it annoys me a lot… it’s strange…

I just remembered that sometimes when I visited mom I slept in her queen size bed and she would read newspapers or magazines and the paper would make a rustling sound and it was very soothing and made me fall a sleep… I do miss it sometimes… :sweat_smile:

I can’t believe it, but I found video with page turning paper sound, lol, this is weird… :rofl: Why does this particular sound help falling asleep???

Great topic @adrianmorales ! But I do get a tingling sensation also from watching a person brushing / styling someone’s hair!!!


There are soo many :laughing:. Like Cooking Tree, Delicious day, HidaMari (Japanese), Hanse, etc. (I feel like I’m forgetting someone who’s popular too :laughing:).

Jun’s channel is a hybrid. He talks, but sometimes you just hear sounds.

Do you mean Liziqi? Or Dianxi Xiaoge? Or one of the many other channels that have popped up in the last few years … so many O.O

Cooking sounds especially take me back to my childhood. My mom love(s/d) cooking, so you could always hear sounds from the kitchen. For me cooking is also really relaxing. The food at the end is a bonus :smile:. Unless I’m really hungry, then it’s the goal, lol.

Oh, newspapers remind me of my dad :smile:. If he was reading them and didn’t have the tv on, then this is all you heard.


You are most welcome. And I do have you covered.


oh I love his subtitles :heart::joy::joy: - and his cats!! I like watching Li Zi Qi and Dianxi Xiaoge too, once in a while. The videos are so relaxing

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Oh, I love watching ASMR videos, it’s so calming! There are different ones I like to watch, some for cooking, some for beauty and others.

The channel of Twix, mostly spa, massage, beauty, hair-care:

Ecuador Live, it’s kind of weird, funny, I’m always amused about the tools, they are using, but I can’t explain it, but it’s nice:

The Japanese cooking channel Peaceful Cuisine:

Delicious Day - a Korean cooking channel with very nice recipes:


I’m not super into the eating but I enjoy watching the asmr cooking videos :slight_smile:
this lady has nice videos

also I like stuff like this
really cute videos she calls her bento boxes ‘husbentos’ she makes them for her husband’s lunch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like watching Imamu’s videos as well :smile:

Hahah I feel like I’ve hijacked @adrianmorales ASMR thread with cooking channels since I know most of these :rofl:


haha :joy::joy::joy:


ooh I love Delicious Day! I really can’t figure how they make everything look so cute :sob: I tried her bear-shaped buns and they ended up looking like monsters! :joy: Nino and she seem to refer to each others’ recipes sometimes, so it’s fun to check the different ideas each one comes up with


I love this guy’s voice and his ASMR Meditations!

He has a lot of sleep stories and other meditations I love!

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