Is anyone watching SBS Roomate?

Hi everyone, i Just started to watch it. It is my first korean variety show and it’s hilarious. Would love discuss it with you guys.


I’m watching it. If it wasn’t for Park Bom, this show wouldn’t be as hilarious.
Watching it for Lee Dong Wook, Seo Kang Joon and Park Bom.

Where are you watching it , can you send the link?

I haven’t watched it yet but when I read the synopis and saw that Park Bom and Lee Dong Wook was in it. I have EVERY intention to watch this. Just gotta get through my Monday shows first:)

@yvia87, My go to site if Viki doesn’t have it is DramaFire and they are showing it.

and episode 2 has been uploaded as well. They are very good , the majority of the time, at getting fully subbed episodes uploaded quickly.

Hey i watch the episodes on gooddrama . net (or i download from their app Dramania)

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At first i was curious to watch Exo-Chanyeol and 2Ne1-Bom in the show since i LOVE these two. But then i saw the rest of the cast… so awesome! It’ so funny to see them interact with each other.

But i have to say in the intro in ep 1 i was really surprised to see how those new idols (Na Na and Seo kang joon) and actors lived in shabby dorms with no space.
I knew not every idols were rich but seriously…

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I’m watching it too !! :smiley: I love this show so far ^^ And yeah I know right :frowning: In Nana’s Dorm they have nthg in their living room xD And Seo Kang Joon :frowning: Poor little thing xD Did you see his face when he knew he will sleep on a bed :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning: Oh and did you watch episode 2 ??? :smiley: ( The scene when they went to the Mexican Embassy to find their Helicopter was hilarious xD Hahaha Couldn’t stop laughing :stuck_out_tongue: ) Great to know some people are watching this show as well :smiley:

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I just rewatched ep 2, the guys at the mexican ambassy but was so funny lol seo kang joon english skills with he’s “buena tardias” hahaha they were so cute.

Also again seo kang joon and lee dong wook at the mobile phone shop lol

I’m watching hotel king right now so it’s awesome so the contrast of lee dong wook’s goofy real self with he’s super serious broody caracter in the drama.

Can’t wait for epusode 3 and 4

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I didn’t start Hotel King yet but I really wanna do after wtaching Lee Dong Wook in Roommate :smiley: !!
Kang Joon English skills Hahaha xD The best is whenever he “speaks” english you have the ABC song in the background xD He’s cute :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw Episode 3 is out :smiley: ( I can give you the links if you want ^^ )

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Thank you :smile:
I watched episode 3 already. Seriously how can everyone be so cute???
I m a huge fan of Lee Dong wook and Park Bom so episode 3 made my day hahah

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I just watched the third episode. I love the show and I even got my sister who doesn’t like kdramas to watch it.

ikr ^^ :smiley: !! Lee Dong Wook and Park Bom would be a great couple :smiley: !!

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I am watching it for the sole reason of Lee Dong Wook being in it!! But I am starting to love the other people…it’s so funny!!!

I ‘ve watched today all three episodes. I don’t know all those celebrities, I’m not familiar with Korean singers, but they all are nice. I like most that guy, the 27years old actor, Min-woo. He lacks self confidence … he doesn’t realize how charming he is. Also, I like the other actor, the 34 years old guy. (sorry, I’m terrible with Korean names, cannot remember them) , he’s intuitive, smart guy. Still, Min-woo is my favorite from this reality show :smile: One must be cultured to a certain extent. The young actor (Kang …wathever) isn’t. The young singer is ok, though. The comedian is witty and the adult singer is agreeable.

Girls are …. girls.Never heard about Bom before, but she looks like she performs on stage, she plays the role of baby doll,and I’m still waiting to see how is she beyond the stage, waiting to pull her mask down. The other singer,Nana appeared calm and reserved person, the ex- top model doesn’t find her place, the fighter is a kid (the female version of Kang guy if you understand what I mean) and the actress- an intellectual, who tries to fool around, but she’s not the type.

I’ve been following it ever since it started. I like the concept and I know most of the celebrities who are in it. Lee So Ra (the model) looks good for her age but she seems to be the most high maintenance out of the bunch. I kinda felt sad for Seo Kang Joo (young newbie actor). You’d think he lives a glamorous life being an actor then they show him living in some cramped place with 2 other guys eating ramyun. Bom seems to be fun to hang out with. Nana and Soo Hyun look like sisters and they’re both pretty well mannered.

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Most celebrities didn’t always live the high life, they all started from a point. Life isn’t always easy, but it gets better. I was surprised when Seo Kang said he uses a 2G cell phone. I see no incompatibility between “famous actor” and “2G cell phone”.  I live in the penthouse of a residential building of my own design but I’m still using my old companion, my 2G cell phone. I’m quite found of it. Sorry, Android! so what if most people use smart phones? you can stand out while others are trying to fit in, no need to follow the pack. Seo Kang Jun is a talented actor who has a bright future in front of him. I bet he’s sick and tired of eating shin-ramen, like any teen or college student is,  but in a couple of years he would just love to remember the smell.  Change is inevitable but I do hope his heart will remain pure, simple and straight as now.

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haha there’s so many people “shipping” them already and fan made videos on youtube for these too lol.
I’m dying to see episode 4 with Bom declaration…

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I too started to watch because of Chanyeol and Bom only… then I was thril to see Lee Dong Wook and Seo Kang Jun :slight_smile:
I didn’t know the rest of the roommates but as the episode progress i find every single one of them very endearing and funny.

His 2g old phone didn’t surprise at all but the condition he lived in, really shocked me because i did think famouse actors in korea lived (if not in oppulance) at least in relative financial comfort. My Bad. But again i forgot he is only 22y.o and a newbie so he still has a lot of time to get there.