Is it just me?

I just finish NSSA sandbox segmenting and I want to help. I will follow through what ever I started so, I am hoping someone will give me work. I am Mandarin speaker and are there anything out there that I can do right now? I am currently not working so, I have tons of free time. I run out of dramas to watch. =(

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Is this Mandarin? I can’t tell. If so, do you have any idea who the artists are?

not mandarin, it said Tibet song.

Please give it a listen if you can. If youtube isn’t available for you, I can link it somewhere else. It sounds like Mandarin to me on some bits. I thought there was a small Tibetian bit if any then they switched to Mandarin kind of like this one, it even switches the script on the subtitles.

A lot of shows come presubbed these days. Fixing the segments is more frustrating than creating new ones.

The first part in Tibet which I do not understand and starting 1:52 is where the Mandarin start with the chinese sub.

I don’t mind fixing at all, actually I am bored. I watches way too many dramas, I feel like I need a change.

On the first video from 0:44 to 1:31 sounds like Mandarin to me. The chorus seems might be a different language but the rest of the song has a different pitch.

so hard to tell =(

Did you checkout the Project Finder… look up the main page of xy project that you would like to contribute and contact the CM or the Chief Segmenter, good luck!


If you only finished the Sandbox, you aren’t allowed to work on projects as a segmenter. You have to finish the entire course, which means:
Levels 1-5
Final exams

Of course, you could help out as a Chinese subtitler (but most shows are presubbed) or translation editor (TE).


I thought it sounded different the " Sandbox" usually it’s the Academy. Well the Ninja Academy for Segmenting NSSA states the following:

The segmenting program consists of two parts: Sandbox and Academy. In the Sandbox, you become familiar with the segmenting tools and expectations. Then, you have the option to continue to the Academy in order to perfect your skills. We highly recommend completing the entire program — both Sandbox and Academy — in order to best be prepared for segmenting in on-air and off-air projects.

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yeah, my sansei just message me the same as well. The rules has change over the years. I finally get myself useful with being a TE now on one of the project. I am quite happy. I am going to do my best and wait for sansei to contact me for NSSA training. Thanks you.


yeah… I try to get into a project with the finder but, no luck since most already subbed. But I found one where I can be TE so, I started that last night. Thank you.


yeah, initially that is what I thought too =)