Is it real or a drama thing


How many dramas have fireworks - Scent of a Woman, Kill Me Heal Me, What Wrong Secretary Kim,
didn’t DOOM have Fireworks?


Are you starting a new collection? lol
Boys Over Flowers
18 Again
I know I’ve seen it in a lot more, I just can’t remember at the moment.


Oh no! I should!!! I have a name for a new collection but I don’t think Viki would let me use it.

" @#itches with Baggage" or “@#itches with Back Story”

You know those woman you hate but you know their bad or mean because they too have been hurt! Aw, that would be a good one.



I feel like I have seen a similar title in collections somewhere, but it’s a great name.


Could it be one of mine?
The Women We Love to Hate
and Romance without the Bit@hes


Haha, could be. I just felt like I had definitely seen some form of ‘@#itches’ somewhere.

I will definitely be checking out this collection because I get really tired of those Bit@hes sometimes, and the drama I’m watching now certainly has one. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Oh me too, that’s why I started looking for dramas without them.


Oh so mine would be different it would actually have the Bit@#ches but they have baggage - the girl in Scent of a Woman is like that - I can’t stand her - but she has reason to be the way she is. There is a little of that in High Society also! I would have to think about those dramas.


I knew I had seen that somewhere!!! :rofl:


This is off topic, but since you mentioned this show I had to share my story:

I was scrolling through Ntfx and saw a show called High Society and noticed it was Korean. I thought to myself, “Yes, I’ve heard good things about this, and it has one of my guys, HyungSik.” So I started watching without looking at or reading anything about it. Oooops. Turns out, it was NOT the series but a movie with the same name, and let’s just say its TV-MA rating is WELL deserved. As in NSFW. Holy cow. Thank goodness my son wasn’t around or anything.


Yes, I realized yours is for a different purpose, mine is more general and especially when the actresses do their job so well we hate their characters. lol


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks for the laugh.


Truly all the drama things you can think of with bad families in this one!!!

High Society is SO SOAP OPERA - Even the SETS but Park Hyung Sik portrayed his chaebol character to the point when he CRIED - I CRIED - I think this is why I could not do SWDBS - I am all about him playing Yoo Chang-soo - all the other stuff I just ignored. It was all about him and his girl.



What are you doing to my poor heart with that gif?


Aw, the BEST! BEST! and I just heard a thunder clap outside - Do you think PHS will show up???

Sorry not Sorry


Sikkie High Society Shower fully clothed


@kdrama2020ali First CJH, now PHS, you’re trying to kill me right? lol

Two can play this game…
So, cute

Not, so cute anymore…

This one’s bad, I’m almost sorry about it. lol


You’re so bad, playing dirty with Junho. :grin:

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She started it. :joy:


I have never posted that last one and I have another one cuz I thought I’d get kicked off VIKI - I have one WHOOSH! I might get in trouble for!!! Hahahahahaha! OK!

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