Is it real or a drama thing


I have no idea what is acceptable and what might not be.


I think we got OFF topic!!! But it is a DRAMA thing!


We should have done this in your Hottie Posse instead of cluttering my innocent thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


Amino Apps

Junho Just Because

Drama Thing
Oh I have one! Why do they focus in on the girl pulling at her clothes her making a fist when they are kissing or intimate! Is she upset!?? I hate that as much as the deer in the headlight kiss


She’s holding on to herself for dear life. Only slightly better than the arms hanging lifeless at their sides. I seriously can’t fathom where this comes from. People don’t possibly react like that anywhere in the world, do they?


@kdrama2020ali I see you put back the cute one, but we might just be going to …




It was fun while it lasted…


Heart Jail


I don’t understand the need for a heart jail, but I guess I just have to go with it. What exactly is the limit, anyway?


I am not exactly sure! Anyone???


It depends on what Trust Level you’re at.
Basic = 50 hearts, Member = 75 hearts and Regular get 100 hearts.


Thanks for the info!


So the Regular by my name! I guess I have 100 - It was warning me that I’m fixing to be put in jail. It is letting me give hearts still for the moment!


Sí, a mí me golpearon la cabeza con una jabalina (me golpeó un poco de lado y siguió de largo) y no me pasó nada, pero bueno, cada uno tiene distintas reacciones


Vi ayer una jaja.

  • Toma un vaso de cerveza y se desmaya de borracho jajajjajajajaja


No es regular porque comentas mucho?


So Regular - gives me more hearts!


¡el de Hyde Jeckil, me?


Yes, I think there was fireworks